February 28 2014

How the 5 W’s Contribute to Great Content Marketing?

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There are always ways and means of marketing a content. Though several articles and blogs have been written about content marketing, innovative ideas and approaches are always encouraged as they offer new avenues of exploration. A content writer always attempts at creating matter that is unique and informative. As content writers have their own individual styles of writing at times it becomes difficult to create matters that are appealing to readers. A monotony is natural to set in.

An important objective of a content is marketing. As contents are essential … [ More ]

February 12 2014

Secrets to Produce Quality Content Regularly

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Working as a content developer is no child’s play. A content writer must produce several high quality articles every day. The job is hectic because creativity does not flow like a stream, especially when you are always running to meet crazy deadlines. Still, there are some very successful content marketers and bloggers out there, writing interesting posts every day. What is their secret? They don’t have extraordinary talents, but they do follow a method that help them achieve perfection. If you are a newbie in content writing profession and getting … [ More ]

November 20 2013

How Can You Convert Your Valuable Users into Subscribers?

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If you own a AdSense site, it is less likely that you would recognize your most valuable visitors. The reason for that is Google does not allow ads to open in new tabs, and visitors are less likely to press the back button to visit your site again. According to any content writing India company, this is one of the greatest reasons behind webmasters not being able to identify their regular visitors and converting them for business.

The best time to convert a visitor into a subscriber is when someone … [ More ]

November 13 2013

Why Are Blog Comments Necessary For A Blogger?

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Blog commenting is something that every content writer looks forward to. While it is the content that offers the significant information, whether the site will be popular or not is something that is dependent on visitors. A blog comment is a feedback from readers to the writer. It often works like a forum. If you do not get a feedback, may be you are not being able to connect to the people. May be, viewers are not getting what you are talking about; hence, they are not being able to … [ More ]

November 07 2013

How To Tackle Duplicate Content in a WordPress Blog?

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Content duplicity is something that needs to be avoided in blog writing. It is a critical issue under SEO Google penalties. Google is extremely careful as far as indexing pages is concerned; so, if you do not pay the required attention to it, you better get ready to be spammed. Google penalizes you because it gets confused when it finds the same write-up in two or more pages of your site. We try our best to choose a unique topic for writing a post, but unwillingly or unknowingly, we often … [ More ]

October 31 2013

Important Free Tools For Creating Visual Content in Your Blog

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Do you want your blog content writing site to have some attractive images? Well, you have clicked onto the right place as here, you are going to get a list of free images that can create the desired impact, by grabbing users’ eyeballs at once.

Human mind is such that it absorbs images much faster than texts. Research shows human brain to retain information in the visual form more effectively than those in writing. It had further found that 40% of the times, human beings respond to images than they … [ More ]

October 23 2013

Benefits of using Trackbacks and Pingbacks in your Blog

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The very first thing that may arise in your mind when you read the title is “What are trackbacks and pingbacks?”. If you are into content writing, these terms may sound familiar to you; you may have heard or read about them, but you may not know what exactly they are and what do they do. If that is the case, read on to find out all that you need and want to know.

What are Pingbacks?

Pingbacks are XML or remote procedure calls that encode; but they do not … [ More ]

October 17 2013

Sharing Options Can Make A Blog Popular Overnight

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The web has become a source of all types of information. Thanks to blogs and forums, you can find information on any topic. There are plenty of article writing professionals out there, sharing their knowledge on different subjects to boost the knowledge of the entire mankind. From “how to write codes in PHP” to “how to ride a bicycle”, anything can be found on internet.

While blogs and websites made web a rich resource for knowledge, the introduction of social media sites and e-mails forwarded the process of knowledge sharing. … [ More ]

October 08 2013

How Can You Make Your Blog Even More Interesting?

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Are you wondering if you are writing your posts with all your heart and mind, why is it not getting enough or any shares and comments? Well then, do you want to know what exactly is missing? It is pillar or evergreen content that your blog is lacking. Such content gets the maximum number of comments, shares and links. And it is this type of write-ups that businesses pay content writing services for. Such posts are generally longer than the standard length of blogs, are well thought and structured.

Now, … [ More ]

September 30 2013

How To Bring Visitors To Your Archived Posts

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Blogs are very popular among web users as they provide plethora of information free of cost. There are specialized blogs for almost any topic you can think of and everyday, thousands of readers go through them. While blogs are a great source of information, they show posts in a chronological format. That means only the latest posts are shown on the homepage and older posts get a place in the archive. Quality blog post writing takes quite some time and it’s sad that even though some of the articles are … [ More ]

September 26 2013

You need not be A ‘Writer’ For SEO Content Writing

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It is said that writing is something that one has to have in one’s blood. But that does not mean that if you do not have it, you cannot come up with write-ups, particularly when you are into SEO content writing. This type of writing does not require you to be an artist but have a set of skills with which you can hold a reader to an article for longer and get the site a good rank in search engines.

Just like arithmetic requires you to practice regularly to … [ More ]

September 23 2013

How to Enrich Your Site’s Content When There’s Not Much to Write

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It is not rare to hear a negative reply when you ask a content writing professional to make a page more interesting. And this negative reply mostly is “But I do not have anything to write on.” People who do not write cannot understand the problem, but making a write-up interesting and reaching a certain word count can actually be an issue when there isn’t much to write about.

Here are a few tips on how one can come up with material, and present them perfectly to get the best … [ More ]