November 20 2015

A Unique Conclusion can Leverage your Blog – How?

An impressive title and a wonderful starting line – do you think these are only two factors that can herald traffic to your blog? Well, one more aspect in blog writing can ensure enhanced reader engagement. Guess what? I am talking about conclusion. Today, I am going to tell you why a conclusion is important and how you can write an influencing conclusion to your blog.

Conclusion is Important – Why?

To compose impressionable blogs for a content writing company, you have to understand the significance of a conclusion. You … [ More ]

November 12 2015

The Art of Creating an Attractive Blog Title – 9 Tricks to Drive Traffic

Let me start with a few questions.

How much time do you spend while writing a blog? Two hours?

How much time do you spend while writing the title of the blog? Twenty minutes or two minutes?

What is the first thing you see when reading a blog? Its title – isn’t it? Why? The answer is that it tells you about the blog content.

Blog writing has taken the art of content writing to the heights of popularity. With the Internet filled with a treasury of blogs, you have … [ More ]

October 28 2015

How can Your Blogs and Newsletters Lead to a Website’s Boom?

Are you new to the content writing domain? Do you keep wondering how blogs and newsletters bring traffic to a website? Well, here I am to give you an insight into the ways blog posts and newsletters help in attracting traffic and increasing sales for a company.

Before, we get into the details I we must discuss about the meanings of a blog and a newsletter.

What is a blog?

Did you know that the term blog is a shorter version of the word “web log?” It is actually a … [ More ]

October 14 2015

Top Blogging Tips to Help You Ride the Waves of Success

Are your blogs not getting noticed? Are you looking for enhanced likes and more shares? Just writing catchy phrases are not enough to make you a successful blogger. There are other important things you need to take care of. To begin a career in content writing India you have to look at other details too. Here, I have brought to you a list of some of the practices I indulge in and suggest newbie bloggers to indulge in too.

Must-have Attributes to become a Successful Blogger

Let’s get into the … [ More ]

August 20 2015

Use Crowdsourcing in Content Writing Services to Enhance your Audience

Are you trying to have a greater traffic than what you generally have in your blog site? In that case, you can opt for crowdsourcing. It is a useful way to post content to grow your audience. Crowdsourcing helps in introducing manifold audience to the site. In the event that you want to learn more about this unique technique, go through the following blog.

Crowdsourcing as a concept became well-accepted when companies started crowdsourcing investment as a way of earning capital. However, here we are not talking about crowdsourcing product … [ More ]

July 21 2015

Important Questions Every Content Writer India Should Ask Himself Just before Blogging

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Ever since the introduction of blogs, the idea has spread like wildfire. From promotional blogs for a firm, to Ezine and self-help blogs, millions of blogs have made their way into the cyberspace. However, most people haven’t picked up the basic concepts- the results of their efforts being blogs which are poorly designed, have abysmal page ranks on search engines, and are seldom read. It is a shame that with so many top-notch platforms coming up, a staggeringly large portion of users do not leverage the full potential of the … [ More ]

April 23 2015

Content Writing Tactics for Making the Content Visible to Millions

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Keeping in mind the Internet’s universal nature, you could safely assume that the best web content writing should ideally be the one that is able to reach and leave its impression across all cultural and class divides. Content should be in simple language that is easy to read and understand. It is best to leave out the unnecessary use of jargons, opulent language and complicated ideas in your content. Content writing is an art and you must never lose the creative touch. Always adopt a simplistic approach, but do not … [ More ]

April 08 2015

Adopt Smart B2B Content Marketing Strategy to Boost Conversions

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During the past 15 years or so business-to-business marketing, more commonly referred to as B2B marketing, has developed as an independent discipline. B2B content marketing is becoming very popular. Statistics reveal that nine out of every ten B2B small business marketers are concentrating on and diverting their efforts on conversions. This happens to be a higher percentage than the larger companies. They are emphasizing on lead generation even more than brand awareness.

Research reveals that generation of high quality leads is the prime objective for 75% to around 80% B2B … [ More ]

March 24 2015

5 Factors that Lead to Higher Conversion Rates for Headlines

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Headlines are of prime importance to the content of any website, magazine, promotional pamphlets, etc. Headlines determine the success or failure of a piece of content. Headlines are everything with respect to content writing services. It is the chief tool that grabs the attention of the readers as they are the first thing that the onlookers set their eyes on. In an ad, headline stand as the single and the most important element.

However, in order to grab the attention of the market effectively, there are certain ways that need … [ More ]

March 10 2015

How to Write Better Technical Content?

Technical writing is basically a skill that helps one to gain a better understanding of the system or the software that one is working with. It also helps in building the credibility of the person in an organization as a knowledge expert with respect to the areas or the topics being covered in the documentation. Technical writing is not easy and requires a great deal of expertise. Basically this type of content deals with subjects that generally seem vague and obscure to most people.
There are certain aspects to be … [ More ]

February 18 2015

Blunders To Avoid For Writing High Quality Content

Pacifying the search engine with SEO rich content is indeed a daunting and motivating task. It is regularly carried out by numerous websites across the globe. The development of content in case of web content writing without a definite plan or a specific, clear strategy may result in confusing outcomes. Without careful moves and definite plans, winning the game and achieving the goals are not possible. Being consistent in the quality and variety of the content are two of the vital tasks that a content owner needs to undertake for … [ More ]

February 13 2015

How Content Length Affects Rankings and Conversions

Content is really the king and is supreme for every websites. Content Writing also stands as one of the most important element with respect to SEO ranking factors. Content can further be divided into various categories or segments and judged subsequently based on its readability, freshness, length, quality, etc.
Length of a particular content does affect its rankings and rate of conversions. Majority of the people who are involved in designing websites, work in the Search Engine Optimization industry. Even people who create the content for these websites are not … [ More ]