March 03 2017

20 Attractive Tips on Catchy Content Writing for Engaging the Audience

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Wanna create content? Well, great news! But, are you aware that in order to make your content worth reading, you should make it unique, relevant and up-to-the-minute. You may not always be able to come up with an original idea for a content and may have to take inspiration, from already published stories. In that case, you have to make sure to use your own voice and put your exclusive spin to it. If you want to know what is trending, take a look at the given web content writing suggestions, which will help you in generating fresh content, each time.

# Google News

You can search on a comprehensive range of topics on Google News and it is a great platform for offering insight into trending topics on a wide variety of fields. Google is organized in a way that allows you to view the most recent and relevant topics on the top, followed by the rest. You can easily get an idea as to what people are interested in reading, from all over the world.

# HootSuite

Even though Hootsuite is primarily used for handling multiple social media networks and profile, it also helps with the generation of content. It features publisher tools, which provide ‘suggested content’ and if you enter 3 keywords or connect your social media profiles, the content will automatically be scrutinized to match your given requirements. You will know about all the popular stories, related to the keywords you have entered or your social media account.

# Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo is the finest platform for content discovery used by renowned and trusted content writing services to find trending topics on social media on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. You can even filter your search by type, such as interview, article, giveaway and infographic. In addition to the stories that are being widely read, you will also come to know of the media formats that are in vogue.

# YouTube

An exceptional trick for content generation is to turn a video into a blog or an article. To find intriguing topics, you can search YouTube’s top trending videos. From beauty tips and pranks to daily blogs and music videos, you will find everything. Select the ones that are relevant to your niche and start writing. You may even go ahead and embed the video in your content to further entice the interest of your readers.

# Twitter Trends

If you want to know what the world is talking about, you have to look at the right place – Twitter. This platform has a feature called ‘Twitter trends’, which will appear on the left sidebar as you log into your Twitter account and it allows you to view the topics of great interest that are being talked about the most. You can keep refreshing and finding newer topics and even filter your search by changing the location. You can find out what people are talking about anywhere in the world. The topics are going to greatly vary from place to place.

# Q&A Sites like Yahoo Answers and Quora

You can generate fascinating ideas for web content writing by taking a look at all the popular questions that are being asked on Quora or Yahoo Answers. If you find that there are a lot of people asking the same question, for instance, if there is life on Mars, go ahead and answer the question. Answering trending questions can be a great idea for your next blog post.

# Facebook Trending

Facebook trending is quite similar to Twitter trends. You can watch the topics on demand and can even customize the trending topics, which will appear on your Facebook feed. There is absolutely no better way to generate content than the one’s people are talking about. The trending topics are grouped into 5 categories, such as all news, science and technology, politics, sports and entertainment. By clicking on the appropriate icon in Trending, you can switch between categories.

# Hubspot Content Generator

Hubspot’s tool helps in the generation of headlines and topics. If you want to get quick ideas for your content, this platform is ideal. On visiting this site, you are going to get 5 free options and if you provide your email address, you will get up to 100 free options. If you tweak the keywords, you are going to get completely different ideas for your blog. So, do not forget to play around a bit. When writing for social media, the most challenging part is creating content that is engaging enough to make them click and share. Hubspot content generator is the ideal platform for generating quick ideas.

# Keyword Research

For years, content writing services have used Google’s keyword planner to research on interesting blog topics. All you have to do is enter keywords and you will find hundreds of related phrases that you can use in generating an attention-grabbing content. For instance, suppose you entered ‘Windows’ as the main keyword and among the voluminous phrases generated, ‘cool apps for Windows’ may pop up. You can use this to create a read-worthy article.

# Reddit

Thousands of subreddits are provided by Reddit that have content in abundance, which you can use for your inspiration. The most unique part about this platform is that all the submissions are voted on by users. The content that gets the most number of positive votes is on the top. However, if you are looking to catch the attention of your readers, you can take a look at the controversial tab. This is where you will find issues, which are dividing people and there is no better content than the ones that have the power of dividing and uniting people, at the same time. Reddit is also a platform for discussions and connection, and you can look forward to finding awesome and cool topics by following the thread of discussion between users.

# Potent Content Generator

Potent is similar to Hubspot, except that you are not required to enter 3 keywords, but a subject. It does not provide you with 5 ideas, but only 1. The reason why web content writing services consider this platform as helpful is because it gives an explanation for the words chosen in the headline. This way, you can receive some seriously good insight as to how topics and headlines are written and how you can create a content, which is worth clicking and sharing.

# Outsource Content

One of the quickest and easiest ways to acquire gripping content is to get someone else create it, on your behalf. There are many tools and websites online, where you can obtain articles and blogs of your choice. From blogs and web copy to research and academic papers, there are platforms, which offer to write different kinds of material. It is extremely simple to use such services and generally, you can pay by page or by word. All you have to do is inform them about the topic you want covered and how long will it be. You may also be able to choose the delivery date, but the faster you want your content written, the more will it cost. When you have strict deadlines to meet, this is the best way to get a content written.

# Niche Forums

Niche forums, according to professional content writing services, is one of the most organic and best ways to find great ideas for riveting articles and connect with your audience. The topics, which are found in such forums, generally relate to support issues, product insights and a whole lot of trash talking. This can be important in content generation as you will get a deep insight into what your audience is interested in reading and discussing. You may choose to talk about important issues in your niche, write product reviews based on the sentiments of the users, find out about the companies that are being bashed and so on.

# Surveys

Conducting surveys is one of the most simplest ways to find user generated content. Just create a survey and throw it out to your audience. You can be sure to get some serious and some super weird responses from your audience, which you will be able to turn into blogs or articles. Also, you may attempt to do a survey on the article itself.

# Amazon Top Lists

Tons of things are bought from Amazon on a daily basis. The needs and wants of the people are constantly changing, with the time, and web content writing enthusiasts can get in-depth insight into what people are buying by taking a look at Amazon’s best sellers list. You can craft articles based on customer reviews of a product, Amazon’s reviews about a product and the top best-selling products to similar ones, among others.

# Industry Websites

One of the best ways for generating content is by finding out what the journalists in the major industries are writing about. No matter what industry you are in, whether construction, tech or any other, keeping a tab on the current topics being written about in your specific niche will help you in creating attractive and informative content.

# Competitor Websites

Are you running out of inspiration? Professional content writing services suggests you to take a look at the websites of your competitors to get fresh ideas. If you find them publishing a lot of content, you can simply rework those content, put your own spin to it for originality and publish it on your own site. But, be very sure to not steal or copy the content as it is. Your content may be inspired and you may even borrow information, but it should be written 100% original.

# Google Search Box

The Google Search Box is a hack, which often goes unnoticed, but is an exceptional way for searching current trends. The best part about this is that Google search will venture to autocomplete whatever it thinks you may be typing in the search box. It can do this by searching the terms, which are most associated to what you are typing. For instance, if you are writing a blog on teenagers and type in ‘Teenagers are….’, Google might autocomplete it with ‘teenagers are rebellious’, ‘teenagers are fashionistas’ and so on. You will automatically get 2 more topics to write on, than the one you were already looking up information for.

# Guest Posting

Guest posting is a fine art of creating user generated content. But, allowing someone else to submit content is a relationship, which can get a bit tricky. The content is free, original and of good quality, but you have to make sure that whomever you are allowing to guest post has no ulterior motives. Such a relationship is going to work best, if you volunteer to guest post on another website and seek out a reciprocal agreement. Then, you can be sure that the content posted on your site is of the highest quality and without any bad intentions. Get in touch with expert web content writing service providers for ensuring that the guest posts are exactly what you are looking for.

# Alltop

Alltop is very similar to Google News, with a slight variation. This platform covers the trending stories of the day and not just journalism. It covers the top blogs, news sources, sites and influencers. You can get thousands of ideas on what the world is talking about and want to talk about. This is will help you in the creation of content, which is of utmost importance to your audience.

Creating content can be a daunting task, especially if you have run out of inspiration, ideas or are under tough pressure to deliver content, with or without an idea. The above-mentioned list should help you in the generation of content and fill you with great ideas. Reputed content writing services make use of such tools and platforms to write content, which is informative, original and interesting, as well as, relevant to the specific industry. Get started on churning out engrossing articles and blogs to expand your readership.

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