March 24 2015

5 Factors that Lead to Higher Conversion Rates for Headlines

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Headlines are of prime importance to the content of any website, magazine, promotional pamphlets, etc. Headlines determine the success or failure of a piece of content. Headlines are everything with respect to content writing services. It is the chief tool that grabs the attention of the readers as they are the first thing that the onlookers set their eyes on. In an ad, headline stand as the single and the most important element.

However, in order to grab the attention of the market effectively, there are certain ways that need to be followed to come up with good results.
- High converting headlines have certain basic features; these headlines come with numbers, include 5 to 9 or 16 to 18 words.
- High converting headlines are negative, have two parts and are very clear of their goal.

Clear and Precise

Great headlines are those that do not leave any ambiguity. Such types of headlines perform well due to their preciseness as no one likes uncertainty or ambiguity and more so when one is searching solutions, answers or certain products.
People like to have clarity with respect to their search results that are established by the headline of any content. Thus it becomes absolutely necessary to frame a headline that gives out the basic essence of the main content. Being as clear as is possible with the headline is always recommended.

Length of the headlines

Studies reveal that the titles or headlines that have eight words are the best performers. Further research by companies providing content writing services has shown that titles that have eight words have highest click through rates and 21% improvement as far as performance is concerned. Thus length of the headline or title is another major concern with respect to getting clicks.

Divided into Two Parts

Headlines that are in two parts have higher chances of success and rate of conversion. Such titles have a beginning as well as an ending along with a thesis, antithesis, head and also a tail. Moreover adding a color or a hyphen in the title to indicate a subtitle has in most cases generated 9% better performance than the headlines without those. Sub headlines are basically additions that boost clarity for the main headline. Sub-headlines generally act as reaffirmations to the reason for the page to be read by the reader and takes on the role of a primer with respect to the story that the page is about to tell.

They incorporate Numbers

Headlines that have numbers in them have higher chances of success and conversion rates than those which do not have the same. Huge amount of studies, discoveries, split tests carried out content writing services providing agencies have confirmed that headlines with numbers are the winners every time in all spheres.

- Moreover studies have established the fact that headlines that have odd numbers in them have 20% high click through rate than those with even numbers.
- With numbers, headlines can have 30% rates of conversion.
- With numbers, ordering of the same is also essential as it has been observed to exert a considerable influence on perceptions.
- Incorporating numbers have a psychological aspect also as certain cultures across the world believe in larger numbers as they think it provides more of a thing.
- This led the concept of 90 days, 600 minutes, etc to evolve and attract these types of mentalities.
- These numbers definitely appear more appealing than those of 3months, 10 hours, etc. This is due to the fact that the human brain is habituated to perceive the larger number first with which usually it assigns the greater value.

Negative Headlines

It has been found out that incorporation of negative superlatives in the title or headline leads to a 60% higher and better performance than those with positive ones. Earlier it was assumed that use of positive words in the headlines is ideal for getting better rates of click throughs, readability, shareability as well as that of conversions.

Aversion of the audience to positive superlatives can be attributed to the outcome of overuse, or simply because of that readers have grown sceptical of the motives of the source for a particular endorsement. On the other side, often the sources of such negative information are likely to be regarded as authentic and impartial.

Negative superlatives being basically intriguing and unexpected have gained an edge over the positive ones that have grown clichéd owing to overuse. It is usually observed that words with a negative tone like kill, dark, fear, lose, war, bleed outperform their positive or more innocent counterparts.

Attention is highly required to get higher rate of conversions. To come up with an effective title or headline, a company needs to fully understand the profile of the target customers, their needs and tastes, competitive positioning of itself and its peers as well as the status of the target market.

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