February 26 2016

5 Amazing Functions of an Effective Company Blog

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So you want to be a blog writer? Do you know what aspects can make your blogs effective? As a writer, you have to create blogs that do much more than just highlight your client’s products. In this blog, we are going to discuss how effective blog post writingcan be.

Check out the following to get a clear idea on the topic.

# Generates lead

What can be better for attracting clients than a good blog post? If you are wondering how to let me tell you that the first thing to keep in mind is that your blogs should offer solutions to the problems of your readers or audience. You can add a call to action for subscribing to newsletters of the client’s company below the blog. If the audience is pleased with your solution and find your products interesting, they can visit your site and subscribe to the newsletters. Signing up for newsletters proves that they are keen to know what new things they can get. When they come across something that interests them, they end up with products from your client’s company.

# Does a short research on your behalf

Blogs can give you an insight into the preferences of your audience. Let us imagine that your client owns an e-commerce site. You can write about the products and the services of the client. Your blogs can also offer an important suggestion about the right way to buy from e-commerce sites. If readers like your blog post writing, they are going to like or make comments. These comments can help you realize the requirements of different audiences. What type of service your audience wants, how can a product help them, etc provide you with an insight into the likes of the audience.

Another important benefit of effective blogs is that you can attract influencers in your industry. These are bloggers who have good knowledge on the topics you write and can, therefore, share their views. They also bring in a whole lot of new audience with them.

# Offers SEO ranking

Blogs can gain your client SEO ranking. This is probably one of the primary reasons for writing blogs.  With the right keywords that suit the business of your clients, blogs appear on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

Not everyone knows about your client’s company that they are just going to type the name or use the URL to visit the website. Most people type in keywords to find solutions to their problems. If the keywords match with that of your blogs, the latter is going to come up on top of SERPs. In the event that your writing impresses the searchers and they find it useful, they can visit the site and buy the products.

# Helps survive in the competitive market

It is essential for a company to post blogs on a regular basis. This approach shows the audience that your client wants to stay updated on market trends. Blog post writing on the company’s website also shows that your client wants to show the audience how they are better than their competitors. However, the thing is, you are not the only writer creating blogs for your client. There are other blog writers writing for their clients and everyone has the same motive – to prove themselves as the finest product or service providers in the market. This competitive spirit helps in offering a premium quality product or service to the audience.

# Personifies the company

Blogs are informal and personal. As a blog writer, you must know that your creations offer a close look at what the company is all about. This is what the audience wants. They want a closer look at the company. Websites are a formal entity, but blogs help to bring traffic as they offer a human face to the website.

The comment section of blogs allows audiences to interact with the writer on behalf of the company. The readers realize that you understand their problems and, therefore, they feel free to state the issues they faced after buying the client’s products. When the audience base states their negative experience with the client company, it may appear a little rude and difficult to digest.  However, your reply may be able to offer an instant solution to their problem.

Imagine, you write a blog about the efficient delivery system of the client company. In the comments section, an audience writes about his or her negative experience with the delivery process of the company.  You can offer the reader the email id or the customer care number of the company. If you have a better solution up your sleeve, you can offer it to the audience.

With the aforementioned information at your disposal, you can write more enlightening blogs for your client’s company. Offer efficient blog post writing to your client and watch how the business and your career reach the zenith of success.

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