September 05 2012

5 Golden Tips for Smart and Effective Content Writing

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Writing for the web or, as it is popularly known as, online content writing is not a cakewalk. This is because there are umpteen guidelines and restrictions that you have to abide by. You need to keep an eye on the word count and make sure to include the relevant keywords at the right places. On the whole, it can be quite a task to produce effective and submit-worthy content. But since this is what you have to do day in and day out, it is better to learn your craft and master it for good. Here are 5 effective tips that can help you excel in the field of online writing:


There is no alternative to it. As long as you do not write, you cannot master the art immaculately. Often, taking the first step proves to be the most difficult. But once you give yourself the push, there’s no looking back. This theory applies perfectly to writing. As long as you do not get down to writing on a regular basis, you can never get over your anxieties and fears. Do not be afraid of making mistakes as it is only normal. Just make an effort and before you know it, it will turn into a habit.


Everybody makes mistakes and you are no different. Therefore, there is no point in presuming that you haven’t done any. No matter how careful you might try to be during writing, certain grammatical or spelling errors are bound to happen which you cannot avoid. Instead of being stuck with the opinion that you cannot make a mistake since you have been very careful and attentive, it is so much better to revise the text once and be sure of your claims.

Read Backwards:

This is a very effective tool in professional web content writing for identifying mistakes. When you read sequentially, there is always a chance of very-minute errors getting overlooked. However, such a thing cannot happen when you read your content backwards. Though this might be a very cumbersome process, if you want your writing to be error-free and well appreciated, you have to take some pains for it.

Take Your Editor’s Help:

At times, even after so much precaution and double-checks, certain errors can pass unnoticed. The problem lies in perspective here. If you are in the habit of making punctuation errors, those mistakes would obviously go undetected since you do not consider them as errors in the first place and therefore, would not correct them. That is why it is imperative to take the assistance of an editor who can not only identify the flaws in your article much quickly but also advise you on how to avoid such mistakes henceforth.

Accept Criticism:

To err is human; since you are one, you are definitely susceptible to flaws and errors. Therefore, there is no point in being defensive and taking criticism to heart. Learn to have an open mind and be aware of where your fault lies.

Remember these 5 golden rules and you would be at an advantage.

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