November 14 2011

5 Parameters to consider before buying SEO content writing services

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Once you build a website, you have to put in some content there. SEO content writing services can be of immense help. A professional website content writing service provider can offer you properly optimized website content that can help you convert the readers into buyers.

The ultimate goal is to convey the message, to highlight the USP and to make the readers act the way you want. At the same time, you have to make sure the content is search engine friendly so that you can get traffic from search engines as well.

While hiring SEO content writing services you have to make sure that the company is worth working with. There are various parameters which help you to evaluate the website content writing abilities of the company. Here is a list of such top 5 parameters that will help you to find out a dependable content writing company.

1] Check samples:

All content writing companies have their own portfolio; some publish their portfolios on their websites whereas some would show you the samples on request. Before hiring a content writing company you can request for sample write-ups. This would help you check if the company can write SEO content and how good do they write.

2] Testimonials and References:

Visit the website of the web content writing service provider and check if they have received any feedback from their previous clients or not. Only happy clients care to write testimonials – if a company offers quality service and can stick to the deadline they are likely to receive testimonials from their clients. You can also ask for some references so that you can call/email them to get a neutral feedback about the company.

3] Offer them a paid pilot project:

This is the best way to evaluate the abilities of a company; before you give them a task of bigger responsibility, assign them a pilot project and see how fast they complete it. This way you can get the actual idea of how good the web content writing company is; whether they can keep their promises or not.

4] A brief discussion about your requirements:

Before assigning the main or the pilot project, you have to discuss the project with the content writing company. You have to send them every minute requirement of the project. After they go through the document, ask them to brief it to you. You can go for a voice chat or screen sharing web conference to interact with each other.

5] Make sure the content writing company is familiar with latest trends:

This is very important; you have to work with the SEO content writing company that is aware of the latest developments in the world of internet and the recent changes in search engines’ algorithm. Ask questions, as many as you want, to make sure you are working with a group of skilled writers and website optimizers.


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