October 18 2014

5 Strategies to Create Viral Content

Google keeps releasing algorithm updates every month to get rid of spam content from the search results. Their main goal is to provide quality information sources to the web users whenever they search for something. Google’s latest algorithm update Hummingbird has made it clear that you must have good quality content in your website to rank high. The term “good quality content” is confusing and may lead to various interpretations. If you offer content writing services, then you should know that “good quality content” means content that provides answer to the queries of the user.

Now, the problem is that there are already hundreds of websites and blogs out there sharing valuable content with the readers. How can you drive the readers to your site or the guest blog post you have just written? You have to write intelligent posts, good enough to catch the attention of the readers and worthy to be shared via Facbook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media sites.
So, what makes some ideas so popular that they go viral in social media sites as soon as published? Here are some strategies that can help you produce viral content.

# Share what Motivates your Target Audience:

One of the primary reasons behind the popularity of social media sites is that people like to share content that makes them look good. Social media users constantly search for content that will increase their prestige and prove their intellect. A research proves that 40% of content shared in social media sites is either about personal experiences or relationships.
Since you are offering content writing services, you have to think how you can share a great experience with the target audience. Let’s consider this example. If your client is a cloud computing service provider, then you can focus your article about how cloud computing is changing businesses, how data storage can be simple and how it can reduce operational cost.
Your target clients are CEOs and GMs of various organizations and they will find such a post very interesting. They will share it because of two reasons. First, they will like your advice regarding cloud as it saves them money and secondly, sharing such an informative article will help them boost their intellectual superiority. Remember, their urge to share should be personal, but at the end, you get the most benefit because more and more people will visit your site to read the content. When they will know that you offer cloud computing solutions, the readers will be eager to know your service charges.

# Solve Problems to Make your Content Memorable:

People talk about brands all the time and it is called word of mouth promotion. Sometimes people say positive things about the brands they have tried and sometimes they say negative things. Regardless of positive and negative, marketers constantly try to insert their messages into conversations taking place online. So, how do you create a content that people relate to everyday situations and something that triggers a conversation? You can solve the everyday problems people have to be a part of their conversation. The content should revolve around the products or services you offer, but not directly. Suppose you offer Yoga classes. You can write “ten tips to forget workplace stress with the help of yoga”. Such an article is bound to get attention and will immediately be a part of conversation. Majority of 9 to 5 hardworking employees will love the article and share among the friends because they need your tips too.

# Think like a Public Relationship Manager:

There is no denying the fact that publicity helps you reach maximum number of customers. Look at Apple and you will understand that they have done a great job. In fact, even their press invites are so intelligently written that people love to share them despite knowing the fact that those are completely promotional material. Does that mean you should print your articles and start distributing to make your brand popular? Not at all.
In general, people don’t like to read or share promotional content. Hence, you have to make your promotional content good enough to encourage customers hit the “share” button. For example, you can write a press release and describe the social welfare work your organization did last year. If you helped poor children by offering them food or donated money for an orphanage, people won’t hesitate to share it. Once shared, people will know about your business and your brand value will increase.

# Create Valuable Content:

The value of content can be different based on the subject you choose, but it has to be something that is worth sharable. You may or may not share any information all the time, but make sure that your content helps the readers by offering them something they need. For example, you may write funny office jokes in your blog to help people forget the work pressure. The value your content is providing here is “humour”.
Similarly, if you are in grocery business, you can tell people what type of food items can reduce blood pressure or prevent heart attack. Health advice is valuable and people will be more than happy to share your content in social media sites.

# Tell stories:

The good thing about telling a story is that it is loved by both young and aged customers. Tell a story that connects your company with the readers emotionally. For example, earlier this year, the daughter of a Google employee requested the employer to give her father one day leave so that she can celebrate her dad’s birthday. Google granted the wish and the story gone viral. People shared her letter and praised the humanitarian approach of Google. As a result, the already famous brand became even more famous.
We are living in a world where people can read content from anywhere, using a multitude of devices such as PC, laptop, smartphones, tablets and wearable devices such as smart watches. You have to step out of the box and offer unique content marketing ideas to keep content writing services up to date.

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