January 11 2016

Want to Increase the Reach of your Content? Follow 5 Techniques to Receive Enhanced Views

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2016 is finally here and it’s time you gear up to create content that reaches a vast audience base. If you want to increase the reach of your content, you should make sure that it gets a considerable number of views. As part of a content writing India company; you should make sure that your piece of writing receives, at least, eight hundred views. If it does not, you need to tighten the rope.

Have you ever wondered what went wrong with your content?

The reasons for a low number of views can be many. Maybe, your content did not exactly offer what it promised. Maybe, it did not answer the queries of the readers. It might also have received less promotion. Bombarded with probabilities – are you?

Let me give you an idea about the techniques by which you can drive maximum results from your content.

# Leverage your images

You must have loved the storybooks from your childhood – those with colorful pictures on every page. Images enhance the attractiveness of content. It is, thus, no use trying to ignore the importance of images in the popularity of content.

But, you cannot use just any size of the image when posting your article or blog on social media platforms. Believe it or not, size matters. Ensure a proper size, so that it appears in its exact form in all platforms.

In order to assess the popularity of an image, you can check how many times it has been shared on each social media site. You can accordingly strategize your content designing and use it every time you post content.

# Try re-purposing a long content

Big business establishments hire a content writing India companies to write long content. Writing long content is time–consuming as it requires to be researched thoroughly before being published. Say, you have to write an –e-book or a white paper for a business. Once you complete a white paper, you can use information within it to create social media posts. Learn each chapter of the white paper to discuss elaborately in blogs.

By using different forms of writing, you can make sure that your content reaches out to different types of readers and caters to their reading taste. For instance, every person with access to the Internet will not read a lengthy blog. An audience with a mobile phone prefers forums over blogs.

Another interesting way to repurpose your content is to change it into a video. You can then post the video on YouTube or similar sites where you can receive a large chunk of the audience.

# Approach an influencer

An influencer is an expert in a particular industry whose comments have a lot of significance in amplifying views to your content. Leverage your position as part of a content writing India organization and contact a bunch of influencers via social media or e-mail. Get ready to get a response from at least a couple of them, if you communicate with 20 influencers. Inform them about the topic and request them to state their opinions.

When the influencer sends you his or her quotes you can insert it within your blog and add a link to the social media accounts of the influencer. Post publishing of the blog, asks the influencer to share it on social media.

Now, you must be thinking how does this help. I will tell you how.

Firstly, connection with an influencer in the industry makes your content credible and reputed.

Secondly, you come across a bigger circle of readers who can further share your blog.

# Offer solutions to the targeted audiences

You need to cater to your targeted audiences. For instance, you read a post on a forum where it says that parents need some useful tips to prepare their children for the first day at school.

You can offer valuable tips and tricks on the forum and help the parents to prep up their children well for the first day at school. Not only will your post offer value to the targeted audiences and get comments, it will also be shared among the bigger audiences.

# Opt for paid social media promotion

By paying for content promotion, you can rest assured that your content is sure to get some visibility. Start with a low budget in all social media platforms. This assists in assessing the efficiency of advertising platforms and also controlling financial hazards.

You can choose advertisements sponsored by LinkedIn or go with Facebook advertisements. You may own a start-up or a well-established business; whichever way, these social media sites can drive traffic to your content.

Here was a list of tactics for creating readable content. You can use these techniques to optimize your content and become the most sought-after writer in the content writing India organization. Your ideas and opinions are welcome.

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