July 07 2011

5 Things to Keep in Mind While Writing Content for Websites

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With the increasing rate of internet penetration all over the world, almost everything has started to become digitized. All the businesses now have their own trading portals, all media houses have their own websites and all popular newspapers have an online presence these days.

Websites are of no use if there is no content. Writing content is not rocket science, but not easy as well. You need professional help to get the content written for your website. Reputed content writing company can help you get most compelling and persuasive copy prepared for your website.

Professional writers and reputed content writing service providers keep several things in mind while writing content for your website. If you want to give it a try, here is a list of five crucial things that one must consider while writing content for a website.

1] Write for Your Audience:

Before you write, collect some information about your audience. Get some basic data such as their age group, native language, academic background, skill set etc. If you are writing technical articles, you must know the knowledge level of your reader – otherwise you may disappoint them with your article or you may write something that is very difficult to comprehend.

2] Keep It Simple Silly

If a single reader needs to consult dictionary to understand what you have written, perhaps you need to revise the copy. People usually search information on the internet in a hurry; if they find something difficult, they will simply leave the website and move on to another one. So keep it as simple as possible.

3] Short and Direct Sentences

Talk to your reader; establish a one-to-one connection. Write short sentences which are easy to understand. Long sentences are very difficult to read online. As a writer you have to understand that content writing is different from writing for print media. Write in simple present or simple past and keep the sentences short, I repeat, keep the sentences short. Not only the readers, but search engines will prefer such sentences.

4] Localization OR Localisation?

While providing content writing services you have to be very careful about spelling and local terms. You have to know where you target audience is. If you are writing for Americans, you should follow American spelling convention which is significantly different from English style of writing.

5] Understand the purpose

You are writing to serve a purpose, to achieve a goal. You may need to write for a website that sells something OR requires the reader to fill up a form OR simply wants to educate people. You have to know the purpose of writing and then write accordingly.

As a writer you must know the difference between writing copy for a website that sells digital camera and writing articles or informative pieces for a medical website. In the first case, you have to write a persuasive copy that compels the reader to take an action. On the other hand, while writing for a medical portal you have to write 100% authentic and accurate information in a very simple manner.

There are many other things that you need to keep in mind while writing content for a website. General people may find it difficult; it is always good to contact a company that provides content writing services and get the content for your website written in a professional way.

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