November 04 2011

5 Wings of content writing becoming popular each passing day

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When we say content writing most people think that it is all about writing content for websites; that’s not true always. Website content writing is just a part of content writing; a professional content writing company works on various other forms of writing services for their clients.

Let’s learn about the other forms of content writing services that are getting popular these days.

1] Writing ad copies for PPC

PPC or pay per click is a very popular online marketing channel; a lot of webmasters promote their businesses and products through pay per click. In PPC the webmaster needs to pay to the ad publishers only when someone clicks on their ads; hence the name pay per click.

It is clear to understand that unless you create a striking yet true ad copy people would not click on your ads. You might need help of a SEO content writing company to create such ads for you. It is similar like writing copies for print ads or commercials; however the writer must have a detailed knowledge of various PPC service providers. There are certain things such as character limits of title and description in the ad copy and various don’s and don’ts that the writer must know and adhere to.

2] Writing content for videos

Videos are quite popular on the internet; to develop a video all businesses will need a storyboard and proper text content. A company that provides content writing services can help the businesses to come up with the right type of content for their videos. After analyzing the purpose of the video the content writing company develops the most effective text.

3] Writing captions for images

An image speaks a thousand words; with that said, publishing images, maintaining photo blogs, promoting businesses on platforms like etc. have become popular methods of online marketing. A content writing company can be of immense help when it comes to write suitable captions for images. A writer who can understand the topic of the image and write striking captions keeping the target audience in mind is the right person to get the work done; content writing companies with years of experience in this field can offer this type of writing services.

4] Writing for social media accounts

Most of the companies have their accounts on popular social media websites such as facebook, twitter, linkedin etc. A content writer must be able to help their clients post relevant content to such networks with which they can reach to a wider audience and can build up a rapport with their prospects.

5] Writing and publishing articles on popular blogs as a guest author

This is the service most of the webmasters are asking for these days; many website owners are looking for writers who can write exciting articles and get these articles posted on third party websites and blogs with a mention about the client’s website somewhere in the article. Guest blogging is coming up as a popular method of online marketing.

Thus, a content writing company should be able to provide different types of writing services other than just SEO writing. Make sure you are working with a content writing company that is familiar with all forms of content writing services.

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