February 28 2014

How the 5 W’s Contribute to Great Content Marketing?

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There are always ways and means of marketing a content. Though several articles and blogs have been written about content marketing, innovative ideas and approaches are always encouraged as they offer new avenues of exploration. A content writer always attempts at creating matter that is unique and informative. As content writers have their own individual styles of writing at times it becomes difficult to create matters that are appealing to readers. A monotony is natural to set in.

An important objective of a content is marketing. As contents are essential constituents of a website, they are needed to be written with great care and thought. Content marketers must have enough knowledge to determine how a write up could generate sufficient traffic to a web page. A novel approach towards writing an online blog or article would be to introduce the elements of 5 W’s: who, what, where, why, and when. These 5 W’s have always been wonderful allies in all forms of marketing exercises, and blog creation is one such exercise.


‘Who’ essentially refers to your target audience. As already stated, blogs and other online matter are created and designed for purpose of publicity and marketing. Defining this ‘who’ is not simple and often goes beyond the normal demographic classifications of age, income, gender, and community. Parameters like interests, hobbies, intelligence, and preferences are taken into consideration. Your target audience is dependent on your commodity or service provided. Unusual queries about their hobbies, habits, pastimes, and worries could help you in identifying your target audience. In case you are a seller of decorative plants, a simple question like ‘how about decorating your living area with indoor plants’ could help you getting access to your prospective customers.

For all practical purposes, you should use social networking platforms for content marketing of your product or service. These networking platforms enable a greater awareness of your item of sale be it a pool table, a customized dress, a car, or even a vacant position in an organization.


‘What’ is intriguing. Here, you need to make a distinction between what your audience ‘wants’ to hear and what is ‘able’ to hear. Content marketers are normally intrigued in choosing between these two. Content writers while replying to consumer queries, and offering suggestions in various matters attempt at answering what readers ‘want’ to hear. Here it needs to be understood that majority of online readers are not sure of what they ‘want’ to hear or read. In many cases your audience fails to determine what they want to hear or read.

To remove such misunderstandings a content writer should introduce a reference frame or context. Once this is integrated to a web page, identification of a reader to an online matter becomes easier. His or her ability in hearing to your suggestions or comments increases. In other words, a reader is able to hear what you intend to convey. An expert content marketer closely follows the content type that readers prefer and consequently develop online matters of publicity.


For any form of activity be it manual or automated, timing plays a pivotal role. The same is also true for content marketing. Once your target audience is identified, the next step is to determine the most opportune moment of communicating with them. To help in your efforts of determining a proper time for addressing audience online tools could be made use of. These online tools analyze the ‘likes’ your page gets on a social networking site and accordingly recommend preferable times of posting comments or matters.

There are readers that download text, videos or images and read them at leisure. However, majority of viewers prefer reading online at definite hours. For a marketer it is important to identify these specific timings and synchronize uploading content with browsing habits. There are some applications that enable you to schedule postings as per reading habits of viewers. There are both free and paid versions of these applications for your taking.


Efficient content marketers always opt for media that are widely used by potential and existing buyers. It is always wise to have your matter uploaded in a widely used platform rather than creating a new website. It is always a difficult task to convince a person to try something new or different from the usual. Consumers prefer to stick to their likings, be it of a product or service. Portals like Yahoo, Rediff, or MSN, offer a greater choice to web browsers and the visits to these sites are significantly more as compared to individual websites.

In case you are a new content writer and are looking for an avenue of publicity, it is always advisable to settle for trusted and tested platforms as compared to new creations. Though it is desirable to have a dedicated website all for yourself, but the initial stages of customer building is best done through a more reliable and recognized platform. Once you feel that you have a dedicated viewer base, could a own website be ventured. Further you could choose a common platform depending on the audience you wish to target. For instance, for a relatively young crowd ‘Tumblr’ is perfect, while for a more matured viewership New York Times would be preferable. This is exactly where expert content marketers are tested for their brilliance.


This perhaps is the trickiest of the 5 W’s. This essentially is a measurement parameter that determines your proficiency as a marketer. For measuring progress it is essential to establish distinct correlation between content marketing processes and end results. If an increase is observed in online sales, it becomes important to trace this increase to its source. This increase in business could be because of contents posted over several days or from an advertisement campaign.

For a content writer the best time for evaluating the effects of marketing is towards the beginning of an advertisement campaign; specifically in its planning phase. For content marketing it is important to include special offers or links for easier backtracking.

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