March 04 2016

7 Mind-blowing Strategies to stand out in the Crowd of Contents

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Content is everywhere. Access the internet and you can find content in all sites. There are thousands and lakhs of content all around us. It is important that you realize what type of content your readers share. As a content writer, you must understand which piece of writing receives more readership than others. Writing loads of content may not make you an efficient writer, but creating an impressive write-up can. This blog is going to tell you how you can create content that encourage readers to act.

Make sure that your content does not get lost in the crowd of other contents, with no or less strategy to reach out to the target market.

Check out the following to create effective content.

# Create content that answers questions

To make sure that your content stands out in the crowd, you should know what your readers are looking for. This approach can help you create content that answers the queries of your readers. Moreover, Google ranks those contents that have more readership than others. Why do you think you readers are going to read and share your content? The answer is simple, it has answers.

# Make your readers feel smart

Don’t you feel proud when your manager praises you in front of the team? Write content that makes your readers appear smart. For instance, as a content writer you may have to write an email to some esteemed clients. Let us consider that you have to offer 30% discount to clients who have been with your company for 4 years. Your write up should make them feel privileged and powerful enough to receive the benefit your organization is offering them.

# Compose with authority

Your content should show the authority you have over the subject, on which you are writing. Remember, there are tons of content on the Internet ready to satisfy the quest of readers. You should write in a manner, which impresses your readers. It is good to write efficiently on a single topic than writing superficially on various topics.

What do you do when speaking to your son’s tutor; you feel that she is not confident enough about the things she teaches him? You change your son’s tutor, don’t you? Your readers may do the same with your content, if it does not ooze confidence and provide information with authority.

# Invest time on less explored topics

A content writer can express his or her expertise on a topic which has not been discussed before. We say there is nothing that you do not get on the Internet.  But, there are some things that are not available in details. You can write on them. Each day, new things happen; you can write on them. New content gets higher traffic and generates higher conversion than older content.

# Produce content on a regular basis

You do not have to write 3 contents on the same topic every day. Information on the same thing can bore your readers out of their wits. After having read several pieces of content on a particular topic for a week, your readers may run away the next time they notice your page. Make sure that you post content on a regular basis, but do not overwhelm your readers with information. You may keep a gap of 3 to 4 days between each piece of content you write.

If you think that a single blog has the power to make you go viral, you are wrong. Not all content created can go viral instantly. You can never be sure, which content suddenly becomes popular on the Internet. But, that does not mean that anything you write becomes popular on the very first day you post it. You have to post at least 25 to 50 blogs to become a popular blogger and make your write-up viral.

# Write, check and rewrite

You should know what your readers are looking for. Of course you are looking for increase in readership. But, you should first fathom whether you want more subscribers or more page views. With a proper goal set, you can concentrate on your style of writing.

A professional content writer reviews what he or she has written and tries to assess, if the write-up is suitable for his or her target reader or not. If you deem it unsuitable you have to write it again.

# Connect an influencer

You may say that influencers are useful only when you are starting your career as a writer, not when you have already written on a topic several times.  But influencers can bring you readers, no matter how many years you are writing for. Moreover, comments made by an influencer on the comment section of your blogs can influence other readers to share your write-up.

Have you used any of these writing strategies? Be a professional content writer, use the strategies and ensure enhanced traffic to your write-up.

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