November 12 2015

The Art of Creating an Attractive Blog Title – 9 Tricks to Drive Traffic

Let me start with a few questions.

How much time do you spend while writing a blog? Two hours?

How much time do you spend while writing the title of the blog? Twenty minutes or two minutes?

What is the first thing you see when reading a blog? Its title – isn’t it? Why? The answer is that it tells you about the blog content.

Blog writing has taken the art of content writing to the heights of popularity. With the Internet filled with a treasury of blogs, you have to make sure that your piece of writing gets noticed. And exactly how do you intend to get it noticed? Bingo, the title!
Write a jingling title to grab the attention of your target readers.

Here, I will reveal how you can come up with a blog title that tinkers through the minds of your readers the moment they read it.

1. Crack the numbers

Have you seen the cover pages of magazines? Most of them display the headlines of main articles inside. “Five Tips from our Specialist to Get a Lovely Skin” or “Ten Smart Ways to Save Money,” are few examples of cover page title displays.

I will not say that there is a hard and fast rule about the exact number you should quote. But, most people cannot remember more than 3 points. However, you may make the title catchy by using an unconventional number like 17 or 21.

2. Kill with Adjectives

Adjectives are what make a title sellable. You can use a smashing adjective to ensure optimum attention from readers. Let me make you aware of some of the adjectives I use while professional content writing.

• Believable
• Essential
• Strange
• Fun-filled
• Adorable

3. Make listing interesting

Here is a title: Ten Adorable Things you can Gift your Toddler.

Things – Is that it? You think parents will get enticed by the mere things you have to show them? You are wrong, if that is what you think. Use words such as the following.

• Facts
• Reasons
• Ideas
• Secrets
• Lessons

So, why not make the title sound like this? “Ten Adorable Presents to Gift your Toddler.”

4. Create distrust

The team of conspiracy, corruption and mystery, are said to have one of the most potent effects on human mind. We will jump at a chance to read about how we are being deceived or made fool of? Leverage the desire for mystery in human mind for successful content writing. You can take help from these.

• 8 Facts your Mobile Phone Dealer Concealed From You
• Is your Boyfriend Cheating on You?
• It is Harmful to Eat Outside, but how Safe is Home-cooked Food?

However, do not make it a regular feature. You never know, your readers might brand you a conspiracy theorist.

 Teach your readers

Most of your readers are looking for something to learn. To educate them is your business. They want to know how to cook shepherd’s pie, how to find the best colleges in the country, how to fix a crib and on and on and on.
But, if you make a mandate to start all your blogs with ‘how to,’ take my word; readers will run away after a few visits. You don’t want that, do you?

• I have few examples up my sleeve to retain your readers.
• 4 Effective Strategies to Keep your Home Safe from Burglars
• The Perfect Art of Writing Children’s Story – 5 Techniques to Charm your Little Readers
• Optimize your website: A Beginner’s Model

The term ‘Effective’ will tell readers that you know what you are saying. Again, ‘Beginner’s Model’ assures readers that you will teach them in simple terms, so that they understand. Such words target beginner range of customers.

Alliteration Attracts

There you go. See what I mean? Alliteration has a strong impact on the minds of readers. For instance, ‘Tangy Tidbits’ or ‘Supreme Safety Strategies’ sound playful.

Humor has its Way

Laughter is always the best medicine. Write titles like the following.

• How the Latest SEO Update can cause Armageddon in Search Engine Rankings?
• Want to win over a Miser Husband? Three Tricks to Loosen his Pockets
• The Art to Hit a Burglar with his own Rod: 5 Tips to Keep Your Premises Safe

Tempt your readers

If you want your readers to feel like 5 year olds anticipating the opening of Christmas gifts, bang on. A blog is that facet of content writing, in which you have to drive the readers crazy to read your piece. For instance, you are a chocolate lover (It’s ok if you are not. You can let your mind wander at times). You are given an option to choose between a Chocolate mousse and a butterscotch mousse. Would you even wait to plunge on the poor piece of dessert? Straight comes the answer – no.

So, ‘tempting’ is the word. Tempt your readers with what they want to read. Remember, you have a queue of blog writers ready to capture your readers with an enticing title.

Keep it straight

Do you love to oversell? I pray, do not. If your blog content does not speak of something, you better not exaggerate that point in your title. You can write a compelling blog with what you have in your disposition. You can make the title catchy with what you have already written. Please do not offer “5 Tricks to Fly in a Second” if that is not exactly what you have written about.
You don’t want your visitors to your blog to call you a liar. Or do you?

Spend time to conjure an enticing blog title. They are fun to create and are one of the interesting aspects of content writing. It’s no use if you are spending hours on your blog and giving the title just a few minutes. A lackluster title can shoo away all the effort you gave for composing the blog.

So, get going and rev up your title writing skills. You have a long list of competitors to defeat and readers to persuade. Write compelling blog titles and charm your readers.

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