August 19 2011

A Brief Synopsis of Website Content Writing vs. SEO Content Writing

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Today for any information we prefer to use the Internet. It is told that Internet is the storehouse of information for all kinds. But do we ever think from where does all this information come on the Internet? This is where website content writing comes into play. Web content writing has many varieties and each variety has a definite purpose to solve.

Many people have a notion that web content is all about articles or content writing. But the fact is that web content can be anything from an article to an audio or a video. Many a times, a content writing company is given the responsibility of creating content for a particular website or for a definite portal. The content writer should have the capacity of understanding the domain for which the content has to be written.

SEO content writing is another kind of content writing. Usually SEO content is keyword specific and lays more emphasize on the usage of keywords than the article as a whole. This is the main difference between ordinary web content writing and SEO content writing. The latter kind of writing is done with a specific purpose in mind.

SEO content writing India not only helps in various kinds of online promotional programs, but also helps in generating business leads that can bring huge traffic and success to the website. Most of these articles are based on keywords only. While writing and framing the SEO articles, the writers have to keep in mind that the usage of keywords should be maximum, but in a proper way. It should not look that the article is stuffed with keywords.

Many people have an idea that SEO content writing helps the articles to get better places in the search engine results. Since the usage of keywords are more in the articles, the chances of search engines crawling the website also increases. Thus it brings large volume of traffic to the website. However, the quality of content that is put up in the website should also be good and should meet all the required standards. For SEO content, many content writing companies copy paste content from other websites and use them in their website. This has a reverse effect on the ranking of the website. In fact the website loses its authenticity and originality. This kind of SEO writing does more harm than good.

On the other hand is normal website content writing, in this kind of content writing, there are no restrictions on the writer. The main target of this kind of writing is to grab the attention of the reader till he reads to the end of the article. Use of error free English language is the base for creating effective web content. The data in the website should be well-organized and properly divided into small paragraphs. Using headings, sub-headings and bullet points make it easier to read content. Keywords should be spread evenly in the entire article and should not look cluttered. Presence of these elements makes a good content.

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