May 25 2011

A Visitor’s First Impression On Content Decides A Writer’s Success

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The information environment is no longer what it used to be as the search community has hardly any time to ponder over a news paper or a book. The words like clicks, windows and tabs have permanently changed the way people used to have access to information. In other words, the search community is en route to an entirely digitized world. A change surely! But it has become challenging for a content writer who has made it a living. So, if you are still in a nap, its time to show a leg man. If you are about to hire a content writer for your web portal, make sure that he understands the impulse of this new media and offers quality article writing service.

The vital five seconds: What is it that is makes your article a hit in this digital media? It is evidently the skin of the content. Sounds strange! Might be! But if you think of the untiring competition in the media, you can easily understand how important it is to grab their attention on the first glance. If you average out the time users stay on a particular page, it is barely five seconds. So, it is evident that it is the cover by which the book is judged. It is essentially a contrary opinion but in case of article rewriting, the contrary observation holds true.

If you understand the user behavior, it will pay dividend. A content writer you hire might have beliefs on his own say-so but he may fail to bring good traffic. If the writer is not well aware of the prerequisites of web article writing, a visitor will come only to leave the page disappointed. This explains why the writing should be very crisp and lucid without loosing its share of standard.

First impression: For the sake of getting business, you must ensure that a content writer makes the beginning section of interesting and intriguing. If this section is flat or full of jargons, a visitor is likely to have a negative impression h and it will be a hard set for you to get your message across to the visitor. The first paragraph of article writing must set the tone and feed on the curiosity of the visitor to make him go through the entire article.

But how to elicit the positive first impression is the million dollar question that wipes the smile off the face of content writers. However, there are certain useful ways which can be helpful if the writer is well at home with the ABC of article writing.

Small sentence structure: Having small and powerful sentence in the beginning paragraph is definitely a safe bet because complex constructions can make it difficult for the visitors to get the message.

Easy language: Easy language will certainly enhance the acceptability of the content. Before you hire a content writer, you must make sure that he can distinguish between good language and great language.

Selling point: Be in the right mind to refer to your selling point in the very first sentence. The importance of the article must be explicit within the first two sentences of the article writing.

A perfect lead: The concluding section of the intro must be organized in a way that it leads to the succeeding section very smoothly. It should be compelling and a visitor must be made to go down the article for further information.

Hiring a content writer is not difficult at all but coming across the right guy who knows the impulses of this new evolving industry is indeed a tough job. Make sure that the article writer has relevant experience and he has provided quality service in the past. Relying only on the number of projects he has accomplished will be risky.

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