April 08 2015

Adopt Smart B2B Content Marketing Strategy to Boost Conversions

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During the past 15 years or so business-to-business marketing, more commonly referred to as B2B marketing, has developed as an independent discipline. B2B content marketing is becoming very popular. Statistics reveal that nine out of every ten B2B small business marketers are concentrating on and diverting their efforts on conversions. This happens to be a higher percentage than the larger companies. They are emphasizing on lead generation even more than brand awareness.

Research reveals that generation of high quality leads is the prime objective for 75% to around 80% B2B marketers. Their second most important priority is to generate high-volume of leads. Majority of them are relying on content marketing as an integral part of digital marketing strategy. They are relying on original and high quality content writing to boost traffic, organic visibility and revenue of course.

Role & Impact of B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Content plays a vital role in business-to-business content marketing. However, you can take complete advantage from it only if it is implemented correctly. Content can be effectively used for the promotion of products and services, lead generation, and connecting with existing and potential customers. Unfortunately, marketers often fail to understand the actual potential of content in B2B marketing.

As per the statistics gathered from Kapost, it is quite clear that website conversion rate seems to be six times higher for websites that implemented content-marketing strategy than those that did not. The fact is that there has really been a whopping increase, as much as 75 per cent, in marketing-qualified leads thanks to content only. Hence, if you are aspiring for Conversion Rate Optimization it is imperative for you to adopt an effective content marketing strategy.

Use Clever B2B Content Marketing Strategy

Remember to focus on high quality content writing. You must use content cleverly. Marketers can deviate from the hard selling approach and can use excellent content for providing important information to the customer, regarding the product or service. It is true that an impressive percentage of B2B marketers adopt content marketing as a part of their promotional campaigns. However, half of them have admitted they do not utilize and exploit possibilities effectively. This could be primarily because of the lack of adequate knowledge about content and its potential. They cannot fathom what all, content is capable of doing for the businesses. They do not realize that content can help build a solid brand.

Content and Sales Funnel Together Spell Success

Marketers are fond of using sales funnel. This concept is based on marketers trying to win loyal customers by introducing a particular product to the potential customers. Then they would eventually end up convincing the customers to buy the product. Sales funnel is definitely not the strongest aspect in marketing any longer. Customers are entitled to their own opinion and have access to a load of information. They are smart enough to do research and learn about the product. They can easily find out if at all the product is of any help or is suitable for them. This is the reason why smart marketers would integrate both the techniques of sales funnel and content in their campaigns. These two techniques should be adopted simultaneously for perfect outcome.

More Information and Not Push-selling

Focus is now on content. Marketers are shifting gradually from the over-used push selling technique to content, at every phase of the sales funnel. Marketers can now, through effective content writing, start by providing adequate information about the product. Powerful content provides graphics and comparison guides that help consumers to get adequate information. So that, they can shift from awareness stage to consideration stage. Consumers would eventually, make an informed decision and buy the product.

Obvious Shift towards Content

Potential customers often buy a particular product because of good reviews from family or friends. Today customers are able to get information about a product through social networking, content marketing, promotional events, word-of-mouth publicity etc. They no longer need someone to push or persuade them to a decision.

As a result of this change, B2B companies should realize the vital role of quality content in promotional campaigns and they should focus on using content effectively. Moreover, companies should hire people skilled in content creation as well as distribution. Content marketing is definitely here to stay. The faster B2B companies realize this and start incorporating content in all their campaigns, the faster they would get the results.

B2B Content Marketing Strategy for Sure Success

Original content is essential to attract high-quality leads and convert them eventually into customers. It definitely has a significant role in boosting the conversion rate of any website. However, this is possible if the content is written by professionals. A reputable web content writing firm like content-writing-india.com is adept at fulfilling all your diverse content requirements. The exceptional content generated by the experts would help you connect well with your target audience and enhance your online presence.

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