January 05 2012

Art of Content Writing

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A good content is a king. And the art of content writing is something that one should learn before plunging into the job in haste and just meet defeat. The whole idea of content writing also encompasses website content writing. Content earns success for a website. And more practice makes this art, like all forms of art, more eloquent.

Due to growing popularity as well as importance of content writing many farms are providing content writing services. Whether it is a mere content writing or Website Content Writing one has to be well acquainted with the very basics of this art.

Recognize the demand of the visitors 

It is imperative to first recognize what your visitors need and proceed likewise.

Stick to simplicity

Excessive use of ornamentation and jargons may result into negative. Don’t try to over do. Keeping simple should be your motto otherwise people will lose interest. Remember you are writing for wide range of visitors who wants simple information to be given in simple way.

Be original

Originality matters. Remember Plagiarism is strictly prohibited in website content writing. 

Avoid unnecessary terms and Sentences

Avoid using unnecessary sentence and also avoid repetitions. It makes things appear boring.

Be suggestive

You are not there to order your reader. Acceptance is their concern. Just suggest what you seem useful.

Make a strong statement

Your approach should steal the heart of your reader. Approach with poise but with dignity. Use words in such a way that you don’t need to repeat in order to clarify your statement.

A touch of mystery

Revealing all will not be an intelligent thinking. A slight touch of mystery will increase the reader’s interest to go on and go deep.

Add humour

This is not essential but may make your writing look more attractive and smart. Remember the humour should not be
forced, rather it should happen naturally.

Read more

There is no better way to improve your style of article writingthan go on reading more and more. Read other’s works, give it a thought, and make your judgement. This will add up to your efficiency to create in a better way.

Avoid monotony

Use shorter sentences and paragraphs otherwise it may cause monotony for the reader.


Give a meaningful headline and highlight main features if necessary. This will help you guide your audience better.

Innovation, originality, imagination, understanding, and conceptualization- all these considered to be the integral parts of good content writing. Contents are directly related to website marketing as effective contents draw more traffic to a particular website. All a visitor seeks is necessary information that he/she is looking for and of course spending time and smart presentation otherwise a visitor will lose interest in no time that will only earn negative publicity in return. Searchers generally search by keywords. Therefore it a keyword should be the key concern for a content writer. A writer has to keep in mind the secrets of SEO content writing.


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