July 16 2012

Article Writing Styles In Squidoo And Hubpage

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One of the most important elements of a good website is the content. As this concept grows in important so does the profession of content writing. It is a good platform to show your creative side. A good content writer holds the capability to increase the demand of the content through his writing. This kind of writing is mainly done for the web sites. The language of the content writer must be unique and creative. It can also prove to be a good salesman. One who is good in article writing can surely improve himself as a content writer.

Why Squidoo and Hubpage

Now these forms of writing for the internet can have a number of uses. Squidoo is one such platform. Here blogs containing one page are posted. This is an online field where the blogs work as marketing articles. Here various people promote their business and products to attract more customers. It is regarded as one of the best hub pages ever. It is one of the most important pages for the aspiring writers This is a good platform where you can share your views and opinions with the others and can improve through advises. Hub-page is also a similar kind of marketing platform where original articles or content can be posted with an aim of attracting traffic to the main website of the organization.

How to create a good article for Squidoo and/or Hubpage:

Good writing skill: The first and foremost point while article writing in any sites is the hold over the language. Excellent writing
skill is necessary while writing a blog. You need to know the ways in which you can express your thoughts through words. In this site, you don’t need to write long paragraphs or complicated words because people cannot understand it. So friendly words and style is more appreciable!

Research on keywords: After that you need to research on the keywords given to you. This way you can understand more about the subjects allotted to you and can also know about the keywords that the audiences prefer more. This way you can induce those keywords in your writing. Use the internet as the medium of interaction with your viewers. Inform them beforehand about the subject that you are planning to write on. You need to create a good platform where you can answer their questions, or offer them good advice.

Connection with SEO: You need to choose some thought provoking titles. This way you will force the readers to open your page and read your articles. Always use keywords that are SEO friendly. It will help your page to remain at the topmost position on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. You can also learn to write SEO articles. It will help you to enhance your writing skill. Always make your work interactive. Give your readers the opportunity to mix well with you. They will give you more advice regarding your work and then likewise you can improve it.

You also need to visit the other articles written by your fellow writers. It will provide you with good thoughts and ideas that you can get from your friends. The richer your content will be, the more will the readers view your content. This way you can start effective business methods through content writing with the help of Hubpage or Squidoo.


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