April 08 2013

Want to Get Authentic Comments on Your Blog Faster? Here’s how

Nothing can be worse than having a blog that has zero comments. The success of a blog is dependent on conversations and comments along with strong social signals. If your blog lacks them, the whole effort of article writing can go to waste. Newbie bloggers especially find it difficult to get sufficient comments and are often clueless about how to acquire them. However, getting authentic comments is no rocket science and can be achieved easily provided you follow certain ground rules.

There is no point in writing informative and enriching blogs if there are no readers for them. Every blog has a target audience and you must ensure that it reaches them properly so that they can share their opinion on the subject, thereby paving the way for more comments and opinions.

Let us have a look at three simple ways of getting authentic comments on your blog quickly:

Provide Amazing Content: There are no two ways about it. It is not without reason that people say, content is king. If you write quality content, you can always expect to get genuine comments. This prompts the question, what is good content? It is characterized by certain features two of which are mentioned below:

Flawless: There shouldn’t be any grammatical or syntactical errors in your articles. Of course, you are human and bound to make mistakes. But, readers won’t understand that. That is why the best thing to do is to proofread the article several times before uploading. You may have to devote some extra time for it but the effort will be worth it especially when you see the comments trickling in.

Informative or Educative: Article writing is all about sharing relevant and valuable information. You should give something to the readers whether it is hard facts, humor or some food for thought. It is only when readers feel enriched that they will think about making remarks on your posts.

Add a Call to Action: One common mistake made by most newbie bloggers is forgetting to add a simple but highly important ‘call to action’ right at the end of their blog posts. A ‘call to action’ can be a very potent method of conversing on a personal level with your audience. It can also make your blog look more community friendly instead of just another one driven by generic content. Add anything that encourages readers to take proper action such as asking for their suggestions and ideas or whether they agree/disagree with the points mentioned in the blog.

Engage Actively on Other Blogs: The rule is simple, if you want real comments that are related to the topic on your blog posts, you too have to comment on other people’s blogs. When someone makes a meaningful comment on your blog after visiting and reading it, you too should do the same, particularly if you share the same niche. This is how stronger relationships are established and built with other bloggers who are there in your community. However, make sure you do not make generic remarks of one or two lines. Leave meaningful comments so that you too get the same.

Following these three steps can help you get authentic comments on your article writing quickly. If you know of any other method or technique, you can share them with us.

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