May 11 2012

Be Aware of the 7 Deadly Lies you are Sure to Face from a SEO Content Writer

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SEO content writing is the base of any kind of content that is written now-a-days and helps people come across a lot of necessary information. Therefore, there is a large business thriving on search engine optimization materials today and contents that are churned out should ensure the best quality. However, this is not the case sometimes in the present scenario. Bad quality write ups are available more than good write ups are and as a business professional you should be aware of the common lies you would get to hear from your SEO article writers.

Here is a list of those commonly told lies. Take a look at them and try to develop the insight to handle them.

  • Promises to return the article on time- Your SEO writer might very well take a task and promise to submit it within time and then there can be no sign of his submitting the article back to you even if the time has passed and needless to say you are left in the lurch as you have already given your commitment on the delivery date to your client.
  • Usage of keywords with spontaneity- Your article writer will always say that he will be using the keywords provided with great spontaneity and there will always be a natural flow of the language. It might not be the case every time, because some keywords are really difficult to put within language and your article writer might not be an adept in it.
  • Expressing lots of experience in this field- You might as well come across someone who is a novice to website content writing but will never express that he is a fresher. Instead he will try to convince you that he has a lot of experience in article writing and you will gradually get to know the real story as the work proceeds.
  • Promising to work with low payment- Some article writers will always say that they can deliver very good quality write
    ups even if you pay them less. But this is not the real case. In reality, with less payment the tendency of a writer is to finish the writing as soon as possible and in such cases the quality is badly affected.
  • Promises to do good amount of research- SEO writers generally say that they devote optimum time in researching whatever they have been asked to write down. However, with many writers research is something that they will not like to do and consequently spend the minimum time behind it, resulting in a low quality article for you.
  • Promises of not outsourcing the articles- Sometimes it might even happen that your article writer is not the person who writes the articles for you, instead he outsources the articles to some other person who does the work for him. This is particularly problematic if the quality of the write up is not that high when done by somebody else.
  • Using no article spinners- Your article writer might very well use articles and materials from other websites and copy and paste them in your SEO content writing without using his own talent in penning down thoughts. The only result is that you fall into great trouble when it comes back from your clients.

Website content writing is not a very difficult task and therefore any person with a good command over English and good language and grammar skills should be able to do it. Therefore, make sure that you are choosing the correct person before you start assigning tasks.

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