July 29 2013

4 Best Ways to Make the Most of Your Guest Blog Posting

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If you are trying to promote your own blog, guest blog post writing is, undoubtedly, one of the best ways of doing so. Guest posting attracts traffic and inbound links; therefore, it helps you develop new partnerships and relations with your viewers, which ultimately helps you in earning a good reputation in the industry. However, if you do not do it well, the plan can easily backfire and you can end up doing the opposite of what you had set out to.

Content is the first thing you must take care of when blog posting in your own site or someone else’s. It should be informative and, at the same time, a pleasant read. Remember that the stakes are higher when you are blogging on a third party’s site. This is because you might just get one chance to prove your worth before a new set of audience. So, careful planning and well thought-out execution are a must if you are guest-posting.

Here are some guidelines that can help you make the best of your guest-posting opportunity:

• Choose the website wisely

When you go online, you will find that there is no dearth of sites accepting guest blog posts. But all of them are obviously not fit for your guest posting campaign. For instance, it is ridiculous to find a skin care link in a tech website. But, it is absolutely fine to find the same in women’s grooming website.

For desirable results, you should post on sites that are closely related to yours. Trying to accommodate your article in an irrelevant site only discourages viewers from visiting your website, thereby lessening the value of search engine optimization of the link you get.

• Choose reputed websites

All sites in your niche too may not be fit for your post because many of them may be new and unpopular. If you write for such a website, your blog will have high chances of going unread. Moreover, search engines tend to value links that come from established sites; hence, the link equity you get from such sites is not really desirable. So, try to get hold of popular websites for blog post writing.

• Write well

It goes without saying that the qualitative value of your content should be very high. Your writing should present the best of your abilities. This is important for two reasons: firstly, search engines always try to give better ranks to those that produce quality content. And secondly, the blog community is not really big. So, if your post is not up to the mark, the word doesn’t take long to spread. So, taking a chance on content is sheer foolishness.

• Insert keywords

Make use of Google Keyword Tool to get the keywords that will help your content compete for ranks in search engines. If you see that the keyword you are searching for has come up with tough competition, you may consider a different topic suggested by the tool.



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