September 26 2012

Blog Article Writing Promotes Human Interaction and Camaraderie

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Given the hurried life of modern man, interacting with friends and relatives has taken a backseat. In such a scenario, blog article writing can be seen as a boon as this is a medium through which you can interact with people without having to take out extra time from your busy schedule to visit them.

Blogging encourages human bonding by the various feedbacks you get on your blogs. All the likes, dislikes, suggestions and advice that you get helps improve human interaction.

Bloggers help solve each other’s queries. Whenever one is in need, they are always ready to come forward with their suggestions. It is not that only new bloggers try to extend their helping hand in order to make a place for themselves in the world of blogging. But old bloggers too are equally enthusiastic about helping and sharing. And the best part is that helping is not just limited to suggestions but they also take the trouble of helping one another with ‘Paid Premium Themes’. It is done by developing a personalized domain and hosting space for them absolutely free of cost. In today’s world where people do not even bother to look at other’s problems, these instances motivate us to help someone in need.

Blog article writing helps develop a community which is an old school concept as far as modern life is concerned. This is because people today hardly get the time to be a part of some community. However, through a blog community, you can do everything that you do in regular communities like telling your experiences and listening to others’ issues and trying to solve each others’ problems. You usually know everybody in your blog community. And this community knows no bounds like that of country and religion.

Hence there is no scope for any sort of discrimination in the blog world like the ones based on religion, caste, creed, color, races etc. Bloggers know and appreciate or don’t appreciate each other only on the basis of what they write and not who they are or where do they belong.

Like in the modern world, the blog world also features competition. Unlike the competition in the outer world, the competition in the blog one is extremely healthy. Bloggers do not pull each other down to rise up. In fact they try to rise through making their own writings more worthy of reading. They try to put forward better ideas and suggestions so that they can attract more readers.

Bloggers appreciate and respect each other as well as their content. Personal attacks are almost non-existent.

Now when modern man has lost the scope of interaction due to their busy schedule, blogs do actually come as a relief. It gives us an opportunity to express our views before the world and have feedbacks at the same time. It helps build a community where everybody knows and respects each other. It is a nice and harmonious world which knows no depreciation. More and more people should join this world of blogging and expand it as much as possible so that the world becomes a better place to live in.

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