October 28 2015

How can Your Blogs and Newsletters Lead to a Website’s Boom?

Are you new to the content writing domain? Do you keep wondering how blogs and newsletters bring traffic to a website? Well, here I am to give you an insight into the ways blog posts and newsletters help in attracting traffic and increasing sales for a company.

Before, we get into the details I we must discuss about the meanings of a blog and a newsletter.

What is a blog?

Did you know that the term blog is a shorter version of the word “web log?” It is actually a website maintained by an individual who regularly enters event descriptions, commentaries, videos and images. The entries are generally seen in a reverse-chronological order.

What is a Newsletter?

Newsletters are sent to subscribers on a regular basis. They deal with one topic, which interests the subscribers. The main feature of a newsletter is information about upcoming events and other news about the organization. Newsletters also contain contact information for readers to make queries.

Let us find out how blogs can lead to a website’s success.

# Enhance SEO/SERP

Search engines prefer fresh content to get rank a website. What else can be a better option than a blog? Find out suitable keywords and topics for the client company. Use them for your blog. By regular blogging about the products and services of a company you can increase the search engine presence of the keywords. Google and other search engines use relevant keywords and topics to crawl the website you are writing about.

# Increase online traffic for the website

When content writing for a site, use the blog as a means to improve traffic to the website. You use blogs into a prime platform for your social media activities. Post links of your blogs to the social media accounts of the site on, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Raise the interest of readers by posting videos and images.
You can also add inbound links in your blogs. When clicked, these links are going to take your readers right to a particular landing page.

# Better customer relationships

Blogs help in increasing customer relationship. Your information enlightens potential customers and believe it or not, customers love to be taught. They also like the fact that the company has taken the responsibility to bring them important pieces of information.
Do not forget to respond to the comments and queries of the blog readers.

# Brand positioning

Your blogs position the website for which you are writing in a favorable place. Remember, your blogs are information about the company’s products and service. They are a marketing technique that tells your customers that the company knows best about what they sell and also understands the needs of the customers.
This approach impresses customers and they can trust the company. Feeling good? Your content writing skills have the power to mould the minds of customers.

It’s time to see how your blog writing can make a difference.

# Recite your story

Blogs are personal pieces of writing. Make sure that you tell your story and your experiences. I must tell you that a personal experience works wonders in influencing the crowd.

# Get a topic and a title

Choose a topic you think can capture the attention of the target customer base. Also, give a title that reflects the content. For instance, if your blog is about importance of corporate logos, your blog title should refer to that and not the companies that provide logo designing services. You don’t want to misdirect readers. Do you?

# Assess the target customers

Know your readers. This is a significant aspect of content writing. Your writing style should not address old people, if you are writing about race cars.

# Instill humor

Who likes a monotonous classroom session? Keep your blogs interesting by inserting humor wherever possible.
Now, we will see how newsletters can fetch conversion.

# They are for everyone

All customers in the database of a company are eligible for newsletters. Your newsletters contain highlights about products and services. Whitepapers and eBooks along with the newsletters have the capability to pull clients. Since, newsletters up to date readers; the latter anticipate the arrival of the next issue of newsletter.

# Personalized communication

Best Content writing is about informing customers. Newsletters have a personalized approach and address targeted customers. For example, the newsletter you write may contain information about recent holidays in the company. This helps customers to realize which days your business will be closed.
Moreover, you have every opportunity to push a new product to a particular set of customers.

# A larger reach

Unlike hard copies of newsletters, online newsletters reach a wider base of customers. Customers throughout the world can learn about a company, its events and latest news. As a result, the business can enjoy larger online traffic and the company can have enhanced profits through increased sales.

Let us take a look at how your newsletter writing skills can benefit the website.

# Catchy subject lines

People tend to visit their inboxes only to delete unimportant mails. With a bland subject line, your newsletter can reach nowhere. Do not give your customers an excuse to trash your newsletter. Use attractive subject lines like, “Inside: Tips to Grab a Great Job.”

# Make it easy

If your newsletter is mostly text- based, write it in the same format as that of the screen of the recipient. In that case your word processing program should be set in Courier type 10 running five inches from one side to the other.
Create a hyperlinked index at the top. Readers can choose what they want to read and land on the relevant page. Most recipients do not read after the first page. So, if you have to grab their attention, you need to display it at the very first instance.

# Keep the tone personal

Come out of the traditional official writing style. Recipients want to see emotions and a casual tone behind the garb of corporate hardness. Give them what they want.
Blogs and newsletters are both useful for attracting traffic and increasing sale. As a newbie in the content writing field, you must write both to meet the needs of the company for which you are writing. So, get going and compose compelling blogs and newsletters that ensure traffic and profitability for the website.

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