February 18 2015

Blunders To Avoid For Writing High Quality Content

Pacifying the search engine with SEO rich content is indeed a daunting and motivating task. It is regularly carried out by numerous websites across the globe. The development of content in case of web content writing without a definite plan or a specific, clear strategy may result in confusing outcomes. Without careful moves and definite plans, winning the game and achieving the goals are not possible. Being consistent in the quality and variety of the content are two of the vital tasks that a content owner needs to undertake for winning the SEO game.

Though there are no definite rules regarding production of seamless content, there are certain aspects that need to be considered and certain mistakes to be avoided that makes it a difficult art to achieve.

Mistakes like spending little time in composing the titles, paying little importance to them, making spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, sharing content on wrong platforms, doing little research on the given topic lead to bad or non-gripping content that result in a loss of credibility of the website.

Weak Headlines

Headlines are the most precious assets on a website. It is very important for a content to have a catchy and captivating headline to motivate the readers to go through the rest of the content. It is the stepping stone for the content and paying high attention to the development of a captivating headline is necessary to make the post hit the web well.

This requires extensive research and creative thought. Spending little time in composing the title leads to weak headlines that fail to hook the readers to the content. Headlines that take the form of thought provoking questions or even are basically benefit-driven are helpful in driving out the readers into the body of the content piece and engage them in a complete reading of the same.

Big Blocks of Dark Chunky Text

The pages of a website with respect to web content writing need to be interesting enough and not at all like the inner side of a book. Often large paragraphs or chunks of text followed by an even greater text piece repels the readers and bores them. In such cases the readers do not find any interest and leaves the piece half read getting bored by the big chunks of texts.

One can overcome this by following certain helpful steps that engages the readers and make the content attractive. Liberal usage of strong headlines and captivating sub heads, writing in short paragraphs not more than three lines each, using bullet points that are concise and sharp lead to making the content piece an attractive one. These steps ensure a clear, open and an airy look to the content with more white spaces around it that are basically soothing to the eye.

Lack of  Call-to-Action Lines

The written content should definitely have a call to action for the readers on all the web pages that it is posted on. It is like concluding on each of the web pages telling the readers what their next step of action will be and where they can reach the author.

Copying Content

Copying content in web content writing from other websites bluntly is a grave mistake and one has to pay heavily for it. Nowadays there are several online tools available that guarantee the owners of websites security of the content and as such can detect plagiarism or the act of copying others content very easily. This leads to loss of credibility and trust.

Moreover, copying content brings in monotony as writing on the same topic is not much useful. One needs to create content that is unique, free of plagiarism that will help it standing out from the rest of the competitors. Unique and original content is always welcome as they attract readers’ attention. Presenting a much written over topic in an entirely new way, adding a new dimension to the same help in fetching readers for the narrative and influencing their thought process.

Inappropriate Linking

Links in the content are similar to a map for a journey. Like maps, links guide the readers to a specific destination instead of leaving them in the middle of the voyage. One needs to be highly careful while providing hyper-links to keywords. It must be ensured there is relevant content on the new Otherwise, it seems to be an act of cheating to the readers and allowing them to feel that the author is devoid of sound knowledge on the relevant topics.

Grammatical Errors

Write-ups with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are terrible blunders with respect to web content writing. It leads to jeopardizing the credibility of the readers allowing them to doubt the potential of the authors.

Readers are most likely to discard reading a content piece that is riddled with a lot of mistakes. They will definitely not read the full content as spelling and grammatical mistakes make the content cheap. Certain bloopers exist that even the most experienced writers cannot identify. It is widely recommended to go for checking the content twice at least before making it live or publishing the same.

With the brand new year, it becomes increasingly important for the content marketers as well as writers to keep an eye on the quality and effectiveness of the content keeping it free from the obvious errors. Avoiding the anticipated mistakes will help in an automatic improvement in the quality of the content and drive maximum benefit.

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