January 25 2016

Get Better Online Visibility – 5 Rich Media Forms to Boost Your Website Traffic

Internet has increased the reach of businesses. To stay ahead of your competitors you should offer your audience effective user experience. A rich content combined with rich media can be your password to enhanced website traffic and better rank on search engine results page. You can hire a company offering content writing services India to create rich content and increase traffic to your website. Today, we are going to discuss how some forms of rich media can offer your clients richer user experience.

Now, what is rich content? In simple words, high quality content is called rich content. But, what is rich media? Rich media is something more than usual text and images. It is advanced marketing campaign with high quality content and images that your audience wants to read and see.

Here are a few forms of rich media for you to apply as your marketing strategy.

# Whitepapers

Whitepapers can offer your clients in-depth data about a specific product or service. It is an effective marketing strategy to expand your clientele. If you are dying to increase the sale of your business, whitepapers can be your magic tool.

# Podcasts

Now, you must be wondering how a podcast is better than any other form of content. It is just auditory content. Here is your answer.

Communicating with your clients through podcasts shows them how exactly you can help them out of their problems. Your audience may not be gifted with enough time to read a written content. On the other hand, listening to a voiceover is a faster for some audience to understand how your products or services can help them. By the way, did you know that around 30% of your audience prefers to listen than read? The most unique aspect about podcasts is that you can build brand equity through several devices. Experts offering content writing services India can create quality content and cast that into auditory version for your clients.

# Interactive Infographics

Infographics are not a new way to reach out to audience. The first Infographics may have been introduced in the early 17th century when an astronomer showed the sun’s movement in a diagram. Well, he did not know then that the sun is stationery.

Jokes apart! The modern Infographics is interactive content which allows the audience to add their personal information. You can leverage this information to offer bespoke service to your clients. A useful form of interactive Infographics is engaging the audience with quizzes. With information from the audience you can strive to offer them customized service.

# Interactive calculators

Sounds funny? A content writing services India professional can tell you how effective interactive calculators can be. I am not talking about the calculators you used to carry to schools. Yes, your new calculator does the same thing, it calculates. But, it can take your website traffic to the zenith. Content writers use their expertise to explain how the calculator offers you information regarding your questions. How? An interactive calculator can show you how many times you failed to attract potential clients, how badly a poor advertisement impacted your business, how much return you can get on your investment, etc.

# Videos

Videos have the power to grab attention of viewers like nothing else. No wonder, the world is gifted with so many film buffs. An interactive video is said to be the most effective form of rich media. Analysts believe that businesses can gather around 70% traffic from interactive video.

This type of video engages the audience and asks him or her to participate. You can incorporate quizzes, survey, calculator and many more elements that can drive leads to your website. Professionals offering content writing services India can craft questions for your clients. The clients can realize the presence of a problem by analyzing the questions. They can also diagnose a solution. The content writer uses effective words to engage the viewer throughout the video. Videos are thus, important for garnering response from audience.

These different forms of rich media have one and only one motive – to generate lead. By using these rich media, you can engage more and more audience. As a result of this, you can get higher ranks on search engine results. Your audience gets more opportunity to know your products or services and interact with you by browsing through rich media. In no time, can you observe viewers converting into clients.

Do you have any other form of rich media in mind? Feel free to mention them. Avail rich media from a company offering content writing services India and watch your business booming. Do let us know your experience.

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