December 21 2011

Changes Introduced By Panda Updates in General Content Writing Practices

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Google’s panda updates rolled out early this year introduced forced changes into the way content writing is practiced by SEO writers. As per Google panda updates, article writing technique have started to vary among majority of writers. Professional SEO writers are opting for ethical writing practice that comply with a search engine’s writing guideline. Nowadays, the webmasters are highly focused on selecting leading content writing services for generating of quality content. Website content needs to be good enough to match the standard of Google’s guideline thus ensuring greater recognition.

 Before you begin to write your next article, keep track of the things discussed below for a decisive approach: 

Interactive Content Ensure Better Result

There are several content writing services that boost of developing quality content for enhanced recognition. With growing web competition, you only get noticed if the content of your website is interactive. There are innumerable articles on the web a user will browse through; however, after scanning through some of the fine articles they pick up the ones that interest them most. If you approach website content writing in a challenging way, there is a greater chance of wider recognition. Make your content visually appealing and interactive so that it hits the target audience right away. Insert images to make the content appear relevant and enhance the ranking of your site.

Incorporate Valuable Information 

The Google Panda updates state that article with valuable information should offer a better read. With the growth of web, Google is
smartly advancing towards a writer approach in website content writing. Google’s new algorithm can easily spot articles that aren’t authentic and infringe on the content of other website. This definitely lowers the value of an article in Google’s eye and those articles are subsequently ranked low on the search engine.

In this regard, authentic SEO content writing helps a big deal in winning long-time confidence of Google. Focus on incorporating valuable information in an article rather than just considering its word count. You can draw in potential readers by helping them find authentic information in an article based on your own research.

Don’t Rewrite an Existing Article

It’s time to right some fresh and authentic articles. You can draw advantage over article writing by rewriting valuable article on web sources. It isn’t a fair practice and highly dismissible as per Google’s panda updates. Stealing the thought of another writer isn’t an attribute of a good SEO writer. Many a time, a writer gets tempted to rewrite a particular article and thus end up being devalued by Google. In this regard, the best alternative is writing an innovative and original content that goes for better ranking on Google search pages. 

Keyword-Centric Articles Gets a Turn Off

Keywords are undoubtedly an essential aspect of SEO content writing, but turning one into a totally keyword-centric article isn’t feasible. In this modern age, web users are hungry for valuable information accessible online. Here, you will turn yourself worthless if you just remain focused on mere SEO practice. Use of keyword is a must but you can’t avoid the importance of creating quality content at first hand. Having highly searched keyword in the first sentence of an article is an old practice; however, today articles that are well-researched are recognized by both web reader and search engine. So, focus on quality information in line with the keywords you use for the content. 

Craft Content with Target Audience in Mind

Though an old convention, crafting content with the niche audience in mind for website content writing still holds important today. Google’s new algorithm specified the vitality of creating a highly targeted content that further improved search result for an article. So, by creating a highly targeted content for a specific audience, there are greater chances of being recognized by Google for enhanced ranking.

Write articles for the niche audience and address their immediate questions through your article. Research adequately for information and put down words in a personalized tone so that the write up naturally appeals to the potential reader.

The Bottom Line

With Google panda updates, the prospect of content writing is getting better day by day with the SEO writers becoming imaginative about ways in which an article can be made impressive. If you convince the readers to read through your article, you are surely to get high ranking in the world largest search engine.


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