July 24 2013

Content Creation or Website Content Marketing: What to Focus On?

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There are generally two opposing views regarding website content writing. Firstly, it is believed that if you write good content, your blog will automatically flourish and secondly, it is assumed that if you do not market them, even quality content may go completely unread.

Well, the first thing you should drill inside your mind is that you need to write quality content, offering relevant information; otherwise, no matter how much you market your blog, it is bound to fail in attracting attention. This is because you may spend hours in building links in your boring write-up, and it may succeed in bringing in some viewers; but once they find the information uninteresting, viewers will at once leave the page never to come back. So you will finally fail in building a readership.

If you are someone who wants to build a good readership and be around for a while, you need to work towards building quality write-ups that are informative and interesting. It should be such that readers would want more and more to come from you.

Quality website content is not something you can create just like that; it is something you need to work on and improve. Here’s how:

Know your audience: This is the first thing that you need to do, as it is something that determines nearly everything that follows. It is the topic you are writing on that determines your audience.

Topic: Try to choose a topic that your audience would like to read about. If you are a tech blogger, you need to choose informative topics about the present as well as forthcoming gadgets and technologies. However, if you are a fitness blogger, you need to write on topics that offer solutions and tricks rather than information.

Research: This makes you more aware of the topic to write on, thereby helping you create quality content.

Now that you know how to create a compelling write-up, its time you focus on website content writing. Promoting or marketing your writing helps you deliver it to the right people that is your desired audience. You may write epic content but lack of promotion can keep it unread by its audience.

Marketing takes your write-ups to its audience by influencing:

Search Engine Optimization: Search engines give better ranks to sites that have good content that has keywords strategically placed and the write-up uniquely prepared.

Pay Per Click: For this marketing campaign to work, you need to produce really good write-ups. As you are paying for each click, you would obviously not want viewers to leave the landing page as soon as they visit it. This increases your bounce rate which, in turn, makes Google decrease ads for your site. You need good content to hold back viewer to your landing page.

Blogs: Blogs can be extremely useful in turning visitors into customers. Posting blogs on topics related to your site on a regular basis helps in building customer confidence. People reading your blogs can visit your website and become loyal customers. Blog posting also helps your visibility in the internet.

So, if you are here for a marathon and not for a sprint, understand one simple thing: content comes first and then marketing.

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