March 13 2013

Will Content Truly Remain KING in 2013?

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Content, as in preceding years is projected to be a driving factor behind online marketing for 2013 too. Content writing needs to be more focussed and purposive rather being generalized. Writers need to assume that end-users or customers are now an ‘empowered’ sect and are fully aware of advancements that take place regularly. Likewise articles should be written with an eye on contexts and not just for filling up space.

Informative and Purposeful Website: It must be understood that in this age of online marketing it is important to have a site that is informative, purposeful, and specific. Time and space being the chief constraints in today’s world a viewer must get convinced on browsing a web page on the first visit itself. Studies have confirmed that once a viewer gets disinterested with a site, he or she is unlikely to come back to it in the near future. It has further been found that a first time visitor spends about 15 seconds on an average on a web page, within which he needs to be convinced. The challenge for article writers and designers lies in capturing the attention of viewers by their creations within this limited period of time.

Get Familiar with Online Marketing Organizations: A marketing company must be careful of the matter being put up in the internet for global viewing. Delivery, packaging and distribution of contents are major lookouts for online marketing organizations. These determine the impact a site has on you. Once a viewer is impressed by a website, the next stage is to keep him interested on a sustained basis. This is ‘nurturing’ stage and involves continuous updating and improvement of a site. For effective marketing it is necessary that a viewer comes back to a page repeatedly. To ensure this, pages must be modified regularly with new matter or content writing. Nurturing can never be avoided as nearly 60 percent of your business comes from repeat customers.

Need to Develop a Commercial Website: The main reason behind having a webpage is commercial. It is essentially an avenue of reaching out to unaddressed end-users and unexplored markets. As compared to traditional processes that involve printed media or electronic media, the reach of internet or other digital media is much wider and at an affordable rate. Like any other marketing processes, online methods also are required to be updated continuously. This is necessary so as to stay in the first few searches without which sufficient visitor support may not be obtained. Fresh text is one way of keeping your site updated on a regular basis. This perhaps is also the most economical way of modifying your website. Modifications could also be carried out by changing graphical representations or images which however are more meticulous and resource utilizing processes.

For all practical reasons, content writing appears to be the leading parameter of generating interests among new and existing end-users even in this New Year. Care must be taken to see that texts are not repetitive, mundane, or superfluous. Spaces must never be used just for the sake of filling but for writing something relevant. Readers must find a correlation between the product or service they want to purchase and your texts.

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