March 10 2016

How can Content Marketing Benefit Start-up Businesses?

Gone are the days when posting content could drive traffic to your business. Today, almost all businesses have an online presence. In such circumstances, owning a start-up means toiling a lot to promote your business. If you spend all your capital on marketing your business, how can you run the business? A content writing company with expert content writers can fetch you the desired traffic. In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can promote your business and also save your capital.

Let’s take a look at the following.

# Strike jackpot with quality

As always, quality wins over quantity. An experienced content writer can tell you about the importance of good quality writing. Just because an influencer publishes 5 contents a week, does not prove that you too can succeed doing the same. An influencer publishes useful content for his or her audience and there is nothing ordinary about those write-ups. On the other hand, the content of your company may turn stale and boring if posted frequently.

Do one thing; choose to post one write-up per week or even per month. This can enhance the quality of your content and you can present informative content, to your audience. The added boon is that you have to spend less on a limited number of write-ups.

# Resort to cost-effective content

Contents are of many types. Different types of content charge differently and generate varying results. You should first get an idea about the costs involved in creating different types of content.  An expert at the content writing company can give you an estimate of the costs for writing infographics, blog posts, articles, guest posts, etc.

The content expert also evaluates the performance of each content type. Let us consider blog posts. You should visit renowned platforms for blog posts and identify the biggest brands. He or she types a couple of keywords and comes across blogs pertaining to those keywords. The expert counts the total number of views and the total number of posts by a brand and makes an average of views per blog.

In this way, he or she adds averages of all blogs by renowned brands and divides it into the total number of renowned brands. The result is the combined average, which helps him or her assess the popularity of blogs. He or she does the same with all types of content.

The expert then finds out the cost per view for each content type. The content type with more cost efficiency than another should be your chosen type of content.

# Drive traffic by repurposing content

A writer often recreates his or her own creation to reach out to wider audience base. For instance, he or she converts a blog post into a podcast, an infographic or an e-book. Changing videos into blog posts or animations is another way of repurposing content.

Most experts at a content writing company believe that written content is best transferred to other written content types and visual content transferred to other visual content types.

# Bang on with the 80/20 rule

Content writing experts believe that, if you put in 20% effort, you can receive 80% result. This means, if your effort contribution is 70% or 85%, you are heading towards complete failure because you have no more space to improve. So, how can you make sure that your efforts do not max out? A content writer can help you out with the following.

  • Do not try to act smart with the layout, if it has a standard appearance
  • Try to avoid adding images to the post, if it has no relevance or adds little value to the post

# Make use of the right tools

A content expert can tell you, which tool is the most appropriate for your business goals. Do you want to increase traffic and conversion? In that case, an expert can suggest you communicate with your clients via e-mail marketing. He or she can create newsletters to promote new offers and products. Some business owners offer business cards, resort to social networking sites and comment on forums. But, the return on investment from such activities is very less. Why not opt for a tool which yields maximum results. This way, you can reduce your expense and reap maximum benefits from content marketing.

# Reach out through your existing subscribers’ list

If you want to promote new content, what can be better than your existing subscribers’ list? They read your email and share them with others. You can send newsletters mentioning your newest offers.

 In the event that you post a new blog, you can send it to your subscribers with the help of a template.

You can use the above-mentioned tips to profitably promote your start-up business through content marketing. Experts at the content writing company can suggest you practical solutions to get the maximum ROI from content marketing in terms of shares, traffic, subscribers, etc.

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