March 18 2013

As a Content Writer, How Can I Write Fast?

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If you are someone who earns by writing, you will obviously know that quantity is as important as quality. Content writers not only need to provide quality article writing but also cover a particular number of words on each given day, which is 2500 to 3000 words on an average. It is good if your writing is good but it is bad if you are slow. Only a combination of both can earn you accolades in the field. Content writers earn per word. Hence, time is money for them. The more you type in a day, the more you earn.

You might be thinking that typing fast will cause errors and degrade the quality of your work.

Here are a few tips that can help you write that way:

Do not edit when you write:

When you are writing, just type. Let your fingers race on the keyboard, ignoring all those red and green underlines that might appear in the document. Making mistakes while article writing is customary. Writing a paragraph and reading it then and there only slows you down. It also makes your ideas come haltingly. Instead, write everything you want at a go and then do the necessary editing.

Do your research well ahead:
Writing and researching simultaneously makes you slow. You unnecessarily spend time looking up more and more websites for information. Instead, if you do your research before you begin your work, you can have a good idea about what you are going to write. If you already know what to write, you will obviously write quickly.

If you have a sketchy outline of your content, writing will come easily to you. For this, you do not need to create an elaborate outline; instead, do some research and make a brief plan in your head. Just jot down the points you need to elaborate upon. This will give your article a structure and will get the job done quickly.

Set a timer:
After you have done your research and have the points clear in your head, have a look at the time on your computer screen and set yourself the challenge of completing it within a certain period of time, say 45 minutes or an hour. The time will depend on the number of words you need to write. Doing so will help you by not letting your mind wander and keep yourself on track.

 No distractions please!
This point is especially applicable for freelance writers. When you sit down for article writing, do not keep yourself signed in on the social networking sites and mail chats. You can also keep your cell phone on a silent mode. Ask others in your family not to disturb for the next so and so hours. Making a workplace at your home can also help you concentrate on your work. Sitting on your bed and working can often make your mind wander and feel lethargic.
Practicing the above points will help you write faster and better.

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