October 05 2012

Content Writers Need to Understand a Client’s Need

It can be so frustrating to render content writing services to a client only to be told in the end that your work did not actually meet his needs or requirements. That is why it is important to have total clarity about what your clients exactly want before you begin work on a project. How can that be ensured? You might say by asking questions. You are definitely right but the kind of queries you put forward is very significant here. You have to know the art of extracting relevant information from your clients so that you can give him exactly what he is looking for.

 Remember one thing: the client has sought your help because he is incapable of solving it on his own. Therefore, you cannot expect him to be ready with all your answers. You have to ask the relevant questions and use your discretionary powers to understand his needs from the little information he parts with you. For instance, if your client has given you an e-book to write, these are the queries you need to resolve:

  • What problem is he trying to address or solve?
  • How can this venture help him grow his list?
  • What does he want the e-book to convey about him and his company?
  • What is the ultimate goal of creating this e-book?

Once these conceptual issues are taken care of, you can move on to more structural or theoretical queries such as the content of the e-book, its style, length, sections etc. The more informed you become about the needs of your client, the more satisfactory can be your final output.

There is another angle to this whole issue. You have to listen carefully and attentively. Your client might be an ignorant one who does not have a clear idea about how to write content for a site or e-book because of which he has contacted a content writing services company. However, that should not prompt you to believe that his words are redundant and you are best qualified to take decisions on his behalf. You have to give due respect to your client and listen properly what he has to say. Even if he is not able to express his needs properly, you have to connect the missing links and understand his requirements
perfectly. Never shy away from asking questions if you have a doubt or do not understand anything. Transparency always helps.

The best way to decipher what your client really needs is to feedback the information provided by him. You can rephrase his words and feed it back to him with a question like: Is this what you want from us? This can clear any confusion you might have regarding the writing assignment. Your observations would either be proved right or wrong. In the latter case, another round of explanation and counter explanation might follow till every doubt is cleared and both are on the same page.

Now that you know how to decode your client’s needs, there shouldn’t be a problem in meeting them accurately.

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