July 26 2011

Content Writing: An Ever Evolving Genre

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Content writing in India is a specialized profession that has evolved in the last few years after the widespread use of Internet and opening up of multiple channels of business. Website content writing and SEO content writing are the two broad classifications of this form of professional scripting. Though apparently similar there lie subtle distinctions between these two.

The growth of these two forms of writing grew out of necessity rather than choice with underlying commercial interests. Commercial transactions were no longer restricted to sending quotations by mail, sitting across table for negotiations, and thereafter collecting your order. Time involved in this process was long and the options available were limited. With markets opening up globally it became necessary for manufacturers and marketers of goods and services to reach out to their target audience in the shortest possible time. World Wide Web was a boom to these marketers and they took full advantage of its services to address millions of potential clients spread across nations.

Creation of websites is the foremost consideration of any marketer to sell his commodities or service through Internet. A website is a combination of a number of web pages and specific linkages. These web pages are filled with content created by professional content writers based on information provided by a merchandising company. Website content writing has a definite technique such that it becomes easily visible to browsers.

Website content writing must be such that all relevant information could be expressed in one page. There is no scope of writing exhaustively as readers do neither the time not inclination to read details. One web page should deal with one idea or topic such that a browser stays focused. It is important to understand that while writing a web content the language used should be lucid and without the use of jargons or figurative phrases. All website content must be simple and concise. There should not be any element of doubt in information provided on a web page.

The central idea of website content writing is putting your idea across to your prospective customer in a convincing and comprehensive manner. It should always focus on your products, services, and future objectives.

SEO content writing is a refined and definitive form of web page writing such that your page gets a high rank in a search engine. It must be kept in mind that there are multiple producers of any particular good or service across the world. Buyers with the help of Internet have access to all of them. As a manufacturer you should always make efforts such that your web page is viewed by a potential buyer. This could only be achieved by search engine optimization (SEO) of your webpage or in other words search engine optimized content writing.

Through SEO content writing you use techniques that help your web page to be ranked in the first few by a search engine. Browsers normally view the first five or ten web pages pertaining to any specified search. Hence, you should always use SEO techniques for your web page such that it comes within the first ten searched pages.

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