August 23 2012

Effective Content Writing for Better Email Marketing

A proper email should end up in the inbox and not in the junk folder. Email marketing involves proper content writing that needs to be planned and executed in the right way. The proper crafting of your message is necessary for pleasing the audience. Coming up with fresh and relevant ideas every time can be a tough task to do. It should hit the right notes i.e. the interest of the audience and should basically be informative in nature. Here there are certain tips that will help you plan your content:

Target your audience:

You cannot market anything unless you know who your audience is. You cannot expect one message to appeal to all people out there. Different things appeal to different people. Hence, you should write according to the people you are writing for. A message meant for teenagers will obviously not appeal to middle aged men. Similarly something meant for middle aged businessmen will not appeal to teenagers. Different age groups respond differently to email marketing. In fact it is seen to appeal more to younger people than the older ones.

Doing email campaign without proper market research can be a sheer waste of time and money. Instead of buying email marketing lists, build one which is well qualified and well opted-in.

No Spam words:

Spam words are certain words that are not to be used in an email. Do your research and determine what these words are and avoid using them.

No attachments to be sent:

Attachments generally go through the spam filter especially if it is a big one. Try to host the document and add a link to it in your email. If you do this, you will be able to link many files of large sizes and your spam score will also stay unaffected.

Spam score knowledge:

Having knowledge about you spam score helps in planning any edits that you wish to make in order to improve the deliverability to the inbox. There are many programs available online that would give you the spam score of your email.

Think out of the box:

It may sound cliché but creativity in content writing always clicks. Add a cartoon reel, a video, record podcasts of current customers or that of your team and link it in your email. Something unusual is bound to grab attention.

Provide information:

Emails should be informative and educational in nature. It should give the audience a good idea about what you are marketing. It should tell them something they didn’t know or at least add a new dimension to their idea.

Know your competitors:

Visit their sites, blogs, have a look at their newsletters in order to know what they are up to. May be you will find something interesting you wish to write on or opine about.

Do a survey:

Find out what your clients wish to read or know about. Ask your clients what they like and what they don’t. This will help you keep a track of your clients’ demands so that you can cater accordingly.

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