October 04 2010

Content Writing for the Social Media

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Internet has gone beyond Google and email in the present scenario. It has become an integral part of our social lives. Earlier time spent on the internet meant searching for information or sending out emails, now with the different social networking sites, blog and other social interactive sites the face of internet has changed and so has people’s dependence on it.

We all spend a substantial amount of time of various social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc and also follow some blogs or have blogs of our own. The increasing appeal of this social media has attracted celebrities as well as advertisers to invest time and money to promote themselves through this media. With this the importance of content writing for these social media has also increased.

Writing for this media is different from others. While other contents deal with only information, the content in these media have to be interactive. There is no scope to preach to the public as they are entitled to comment back to the writer. The style has to be free and conversational and most importantly open for inputs from the people who read the content.

Research is very important as any content posted on the social media is liable for scrutiny. A strong base of knowledge about the subject being written is crucial. If there is any misguiding information or any other errors, it would be immediately caught by the public and held before you, which does not draw a very positive image of you.

The mind of the average surfer is very fickle and does not like to read lengthy and tedious articles. There is very little space provided to the content writers and they have to say all that they have within that limited space. Space optimization to effectively express you opinion in an interesting manner is an acquired talent in itself.

The visual appeal is also important as that is the first thing that attracts the visitors. Use interesting photos and videos which would make the visitors curious about your topic and begin to read. The language needs to be simple and conversational and as free from jargon as possible as to make the subject clear to your readers.

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