June 01 2012

Secret Content Writing tips after Google Penguin Update

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After 24th April, 2012 Google set new ranking parameters to monitor websites that partake in excessive link creation without taking much interest towards quality. Content writing subsequently has undergone significant changes. Prior to implementation of this regulation, web pages were written with keywords spread throughout the content. Also meaningless contents were written just to attract more search engine traffic. These new guidelines set a new challenge for SEO content writing.

These new parameters are essentially meant to improve content quality and also allow business and manufacturing houses to offer a level field of competition among similar websites. It was a practice among webpage creators to draw traffic just for the heck of it. This prevented actual manufacturers and traders to get the required exposure they needed to get proper business.

Though Google’s endeavours are for an overall improvement the practical scenario is drastically different. According to this search engine just about three percent of websites have been affected, which however is not the case. There have been several layoffs because of this search engine’s new checking parameters. The best way to tackle this situation is to resort to effective text web page writing.

Effective Content Writing

Good quality writing is the basis of getting a good ranking as per new Google guidelines. Pages created just for the purpose of
optimization but without any substantial material need to be ranked high. Articles must have enough information for a reader to learn something. The practice of just beating about the bush and thereafter making modifications to generate high traffic needs to be stopped. Effective content writing is a thoughtful process and involves thoughtful planning.

Keywords to be used only when required

Keywords are to be used judiciously. Over using of these results in keyword stuffing and your entire article reduced to spam. Instead of focussing on keywords it is essential to concentrate on the quality of your content. A writing carrying greater value has a better chance of getting a higher rank.

Your created article should be an information source

Write an article that is truly informative and could be used as reference by readers and users. It is always advisable to create articles that provide enough knowledge to readers or is a source of inspiration. An inspirational or informative article is bound to attract more number of readers.

Create web pages that are socially relevant

It is wise to create a text that has social relevance and easily selected by social networking sites. For these type of texts you need not depend on search engines alone for viewership.

Develop your unique writing style

You must always try and develop your own unique scripting style. This helps in creating an identity for yourself.

Maximise conversion

You must always attempt at converting your visitors to customers. The higher the conversion rate the greater is the compensation for lower periods of traffic. A timely revision and analysis of your web page plays a vital role in increasing this conversion rate.

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