January 10 2012

Content Writing: Think Out of the Box

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“A word is a bud attempting to become a twig. How can one not dream while writing? It is the pen which dreams. The blank page gives the right to dream.”

-Gaston Bachelard

Content writing is no different from usual writing for the non writers at the very primary stage. If you are an aspiring content writer and seeking association with a prominent content writing company then prepare yourself first for the huge competition awaiting. As a learner you need not worry about competitions, excellence and path breaking achievement. Just keep on writing. Scribble on a paper or sit before a computer. Choose any topic and get ready to pour your heart out. Grammar, spellings, word selection- leave behind all these norms and flow with your feelings. This will be automatically acquired with the passage of time.

Learners May Give It a Look!

The term content writing or article writing includes manifold arenas. It encompasses website content writing, SEO content writing, blogs, and service pages of a company, writing content for brochures and leaflets, and sometimes even preparing presentation. Necessary guidelines have been given below for better understanding of its primary approach.

  • Express yourself. Yes, this should be your primary concern. Whether you have written what you have been intending to write is very important. Your writing may look decorative and infested with bombastic language but ultimately it will lose its value if miss the point.

  • Be imaginative. Imagination is the key factor to include diversity.

  • Make use of keywords. Highlight your keywords in the article. Use it as many times as you can but keep in mind that your article must not appear clumsy, burdened with keywords.

  • Style is very important. If you are assigned to the task of writing for a travel portal then you may dare to experiment, express yourself but must not be overpowered by emotion. But when it comes to write for a corporate set up then stick to the basics. Be clear and specific in your approach.

  • Simplicity wins hearts of commons. Your writing should appear comprehensible to everybody.

  • Avoid jargons and figures of speech. It sometimes makes contents difficult to understand.

  • Be suggestive. Allow your readers to take their judgment. Don’t give advice.

  • Read extensively. Reading will ultimately add to your growth.

Terms You Should Know

Keyword: Keyword is the key factor when it comes to SEO content writing. Keywords are basically searchable words or expression by which a searcher searches topics.

Keyword Density: The term keyword density suggests percentage of keywords in respect to the total number of words used in an article. This plays a crucial role in Search Engine Optimization or popularly known as SEO.

PPC: PPC or Pay per Click is also known as Cost Per Click. It suggests direct traffic to a website for which the advertisers have to pay the publishers.

Blog: Blog is generally maintained by individual and has to be updated constantly with new comments or contents. There are two types of blogs: Personal blogs and Organizational or Corporate blogs.

Website content writing is not an easy task. A standard content writing company will always be in the demand of expertise. And the secret of success lies in practice.


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