October 13 2011

Content writing tricks smarting under spinning

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Even a few years back, inundating a webpage with duplicate content writing or using a spun version of content available on a different webpage of the same site was quite a popular practice of any content writing company. And it did help in fooling a search engine. But today the search engines with every appearance of an update are getting smarter eventually equipped to deface and rule out websites that use duplicate content. A content writing company cannot simply use a software program for content spinning because it does not help in SEO or in pleasing a visitor. Using spun content will have multiple negative implications

  •       Spinning content and using it in the web is a form of spamming.
  •      It is an unethical practice and is considered overtly illegal by search engines.
  •      Search engine algorithm can detect such act and downplay websites robbing them off their rankings.
  •     Users will hardly feel motivated with unexceptional content.

Why you can’t get unique content by spinning:

Since website content writing used by online marketers is essentially a marketing aid, anything less than a perfect marketing copy will fail to bring success. But when you use software for spinning a stolen copy, you don’t get a convincingly unique material. Most of the tools used by SEO content writing company behave as merely word processor substituting some words with synonyms. In order to change the rest, you need to go manually. With some tools, though you get a heavily spun content, when read, they don’t really appear a human writing. Of course, you have the option to keep your keywords unchanged but such software can never fully rephrase sentences.

Trickster SEO guys promising content writing services:

Today there is a host of SEO content writing company claiming to provide website content at the drop of a hat and they vow they won’t use article spinner which is true.

What they do is they scoop up a piece of content, rewrite a few phrases, shuffle the paragraphs and keep doing so until the content is grammatically right and makes sense. Though as a client, you might be duped into believing that you are getting a unique content (evidently because you have never come across the original write up), a search engine can well detect it and destroy the prospect of your online visibility. So, so avoid such unauthenticated website content writing services.

Idea spinning: an answer to content spinners

When you spin an idea rather than the content, it is more acceptable and considered absolutely ethical, provided you reorganize the idea in your own way. Distinctly different from article spinning, this relatively new content generation technique involves taking up ideas and points from one article to develop a new articles offering a whole new point of view.

Here is how you should go about to spin an idea

  •   Introduction and conclusion must be completely rewritten to make it different from the source materials.
  •  The ideas you get must be leveraged to support a new point or a proposition not available in the original content.
  • The new article must be useful on account of the central topic which is new and novel.
  • More than one resource must be referred to for deriving ideas instead of slavishly copying from one single blog or article.

While idea spinning allows providers of content writing servicesto develop really unique posts, in this method your resource is relatively less exhaustible. The several ideas in a blog can lead to the formation of several unique articles. Though some say that a consistent writer can develop as many as ten blog posts from a single resource, it is a little demanding. But a few versions can be produced at ease. Give it a try.

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