August 28 2010

Content Writing – Write for Search Engines or for Users

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Web site content is the part that describes your business policies, product details and other information. Content is one of the most important parts of a website that helps you to rank high in search engines. You can put two kinds of content in your website- the first one is the content that are written and organized in a manner that helps the website to rank in search engines. The second one is information based. There are certain rules that you should keep in mind to write good quality content.

  • The content should be original and should pass the Copyright rules. Duplicate contents cannot rank in the search engine and it’s an offence. If you are outsourcing your content, don’t forget to check out the originality. There are free online tools available to check it.
  • The language of the contents should be lucid, and easy to understand. The contents describe certain things in an easy way so that the readers get a clear view on their search. It is actually the place to show how good you can write and how easily you can explain even a very complex matter.
  • Use simple sentence and simple expressions. It is recommended to use less passive expression in the sentence. Also, don’t use much of the unknown or ambiguous words in your writing. The target of a good content writer is that he should produce easy, original and good content.
  • Using keywords in content is an art that you should learn if you want to be a good content writer. The density of keywords should not be so high that it loses its normal flow. Always use the keywords relevantly and don’t just put them in to higher up the keyword count. Take care when you use secondary keywords. You don’t have to use keywords in all the sentences or in all the paragraphs of the content. Describe the matter clearly and use them when you really need to use.
  • Writing for search engines doesn’t mean that you have to use maximum keywords. There are many things except using keywords that helps to rank in the search engine. Title of the article is one of them. Use titles that can be the catchiest phrase of the topic. Also, think what can be the most common expression of the enquiry on the topic you are writing. For example, if you are writing on used car sale use a title like ‘tips on used car sale’. Remember, people use most common phrases while enquiry.
  • If you are writing for any other purpose, like articles for Wikipedia or for similar kind of website, take care that your information are original and reliable. You should be authentic and trustworthy on your writing.

If you are outsourcing the contents for your website, research properly before selecting anyone. There are thousands of content writing companies that can provide you with quality content. However, you should survey properly to get the best service for you.

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