November 19 2014

Tips and Tricks to Craft Credible Content

Web content writing is an exciting, challenging and rewarding field. If you face and overcome the challenges with a skilful and positive approach and if you are always willing to explore and learn the changing dynamics of this field, you will be given the rewards you deserve. But, the million dollar question is what it takes to write content that will engage readers, encourage users to try out a brand and boost sales and conversion rates of a company? There are certain tricks of winning web content writing. If you are keen to know about them, take a look at the following.

Tried and Tested Methods of Writing Saleable Content

A good topic and an error-free writing are not just all to make an article interesting. Your content is viable only when you take care of the points mentioned below.

Stress on Significant Points

The percentage of readers going through a piece word-by-word is much lower than those having a glimpse of an article with their focus on key points. So, how do you cater to the majority? The solution is not at all tough.

  • At first, pen down an enticing title for your article and make sure it is relevant to the theme of the piece.
  • In the second place, break your write-up into several short paragraphs especially when you are writing a long piece.
  • In the third place, use sub-heads each time when you discuss an important point.
  • In the fourth place, try to follow the rule of inverted pyramid while writing web content. Talk about the most significant points at the initial paragraphs and then, gradually proceed to the least significant ones. This technique is useful in holding the interest of a little bit impatient readers.
  • In the fifth place, use bullet points to highlight the most essential facts or points.
  • Last but not the least; do not forget to keep the headline, sub-headlines and important information in bold letters.

Short is Superb

Web content writing differs from print media writing on various aspects and some crucial ones among them are the length of sentences and vocabulary. We are accustomed to long sentences and difficult words in newspaper articles and it is the dominant style there. But, in the web world, content is most appreciated when it is adorned with short sentences and simple words. People are browsing Internet on the go. They hardly have time to find out the meaning of a word and then, start reading the article again. So, short sentences and simple words are your top secrets to successful web content writing. They help users to read and comprehend faster and easier.

Persuasive Tone is Important

When you are writing content, you are motivating or persuading users to try out a brand and make a purchase. A company hopes to enhance their conversions and sales through your powerful writing. Your article must trigger a positive effect on the readers regarding a brand. So, how do you make your write-up convincing and influential?

  • Never ever pen down anything that can make a reader think of not buying a product or a service you are highlighting in your article.
  • Customers are quite influenced by facts and figures. So, why not mention them in your articles? Facts and figures will act as a proof that you are talking about right things.
  • Interactive and conversational writing style is a chief principle of web content writing. A strict professional tone is no more welcome. A casual pitch is what widely admired when penning down a piece for web. Use ‘you’, ‘we’ and ‘us’ frequently in your content. These words work great to establish the credibility of a piece.

Information is the Key

As long as your content is offering useful information and properly optimised, your website will get high traffic. Users are on a constant lookout for helpful and relevant information. Your content must get in their reach easily and quickly. That is why it is essential to optimise content appropriately so that it caters to niche audiences and succeeds to bring maximum traffic to the website. Make sure to place keywords wisely throughout the content. Check the relevancy of the keywords with your content.

A Picture says Thousands Words

Don’t you think so? Users will be doubly sure about a product when you provide a relevant image along with the content. They will be able to relate your writing to the image and may end up being convinced and motivated to make a purchase. Also, images help to present content beautifully.

Powerful Presentation of Content

Apart from the above-mentioned tips and tricks, several other things are essential to make content engaging and persuasive. These may not be actually a web content writer’s work as these are performed by a web designer. But, there is no harm if you become a part of the web designer’s efforts to make your content more interesting.

  • The accurate use of white space is important so that content is legible and becomes the cynosure. Otherwise, users will be distracted and may leave the web page to never return again.
  • Rather than placing the image at the centre, it appears more effective when an image is inserted adjacent to a paragraph. The paragraph can be at the right-hand side and the image on the left-hand side or vice versa.
  • Calls-to-action feature is vital at the end of an article or a blog post. This conveys the message to the readers that their feedback is essential.
  • The calls-to-action feature needs to be emphasised. A bold colour may be used to do so.
  • An appropriate font style and correct font size are required to enhance readability.
  • All the facts and figures and product specifications should be highlighted by using bigger font size.

So, you must have got an idea regarding how to write saleable content. These six tips and tricks are the basic essentials of web content writing. Getting the above-mentioned points bang on in your content is not at all a big deal. All you need is sharp focus, confidence and concentration.

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