February 01 2016

Try 8 Effective Tips to Create Maximum Engagement on Social Media

You want high traffic to your website through social media. However, even though you are present in the social media platform, you are not getting enough traffic from there. Approach a content writing company which employs an efficient content writer India. A professional writer creates compelling content, so that your audience scanning through his or her profile reads the message you want to convey.

Here is how you can increase traffic via social media platform.

# Keep it conversational

A professional writer composes conversational content for posting on social media. It does not matter, if the tone is casual. Remember, you are trying to reach out to human beings. If you can showcase to your audience that you think like them and for them, your website can have enhanced traffic and conversion.

How do you socialize with friends? Do you keep yourself distanced from them? The answer is no. Similarly, your attitude to your audience in the social media platform should be casual.

# Be careful about the tone

A content writer India is aware of the tone he or she should adopt for writing on different types of social media channels. For instance, your tone can be informal on Facebook, but not on LinkedIn. Since, LinkedIn is a professional platform; the posts should be serious.

# Add images to your written posts

May be the post on Twitter or Facebook is very interesting. But, if it is accompanied by an image, the post can have increased audience. Facebook visitors often scroll down the pages and click on posts that catch their eyes. An attractive image can attract the attention of audience and they can click on the post for reading further.

The write-up can be within the image or outside it. A combination of text and image is bound to leave a mark on the minds of the audience. Infographics are one of the latest examples of the combination of text and image.

# Create short LinkedIn posts

If you want to reach out effectively to LinkedIn audience, you should know that the content should not be very long. Facebook and Twitter are casual social networking sites and LinkedIn is a professional site. There are many offices where Facebook and Twitter are not allowed. On the other hand, LinkedIn can be accessed at almost all offices. So you have to keep in mind that the professional viewing your blog on LinkedIn is operating from his or her office. An efficient content writer India makes sure that the blog he or she posts covers the topic in not more than 800 words.

# Compose short content for Facebook

The post on Facebook is kept short because your audience first needs to be attracted. Content writing experts believe that a post of around a 45 characters is effective to draw the attention of your audience. But, the post should be effective and should have impact on the target audience. Moreover, the link that is attached to the content should direct to your website to a relevant page. Imagine you have a travel site. The post on Facebook speaks of the Eiffel Tower and the link directs to the page on your site that speaks about Louvre Museum.

# Post at the right time

Your business should reach out to the right people at the right time. For example, if you want to reach out to Facebook audience, the content should be posted after office hours or early in the morning. A survey has indicated that most people access Facebook or a Twitter when they return home from office. These sites are also accessed most when professionals are on their way to office and are on holidays. If the content writer India posts at such strategic times, you can rest assured that you can reach out to your target audience.

# Present your brand appropriately

Whether you are reaching out to LinkedIn audience or Facebook audience, your brand should be properly presented. The profile picture on the social media networking sites should be able to convey your message correctly to your audience.

# Post regularly

If you have anything to tell your audience, it should be done at that moment. A professional content writer knows that he or she should post content on a regular basis. Your audience should know that you have something to tell them. A post a day is effective to make your audience remember you. On the other hand, if the writer posts several contents a day, your audience can get bored and stop responding to those posts.

These were some tips to ensure effective customer engagement. Hire a company offering services of content writer India to make your site’s visibility in the social media arena stronger than what it currently is.

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