January 14 2013

A Normal Day in the Life of a Website Content Writer

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Whenever I try to explain my job of a content writer to folks, I am usually met with somewhat of an empty look particularly by my mother who, even after being told repeatedly, doesn’t say anything except that her son works in a seo content writing company. I strongly feel that my relatives and buddies don’t really understand what exactly I do in my workplace and throughout the working week. Therefore, I give you an account of a day in the life of a website content writer.

Morning Schedules ~

8.30 am -
My eyes open up partially and for an instant, I wonder whether this is short-term visual impairment. I curse fully check out the time and understanding that the current scenario requires early squeezing of brain cells, quickly invent a distinctive justification to mollify my boss on my late arrival in office while making sure it differs from yesterday’s explanation. I need to religiously set my alarm to get up on time everyday simply because I’m not really an early morning person.
In fact, before entering the field of SEO content writing, I never used the alarm clock to wake me up unless, of course, I had a timeline to meet and knew that it would call for some extra morning hours. However, now, I have to get up a little early in order to get my blog updated since I usually work on client assignments throughout the day and have virtually no time to devote to my blog.

By the way, the very first thing I do once I am up is to get my flavored coffee; usually, before I brush my teeth. Perhaps yucky but essential to get the cognitive abilities operating!

10 am
I reach my office at 10.00 am and quickly log myself in and open my e-mail account to deal with clients’ strange emails enquiring about whether or not the required articles are going to be sent in the better part of the day.

I procrastinate in opening up the dreaded ‘Work for Today’ mail delivered by my supervisor. After all, the morning is too cheerful to dampen my mood yet.

Finally, the organized method starts; all of us get our work for the day outlining the duties we have to finish. I am inclined to begin my day with all the syndication procedures which involve checking e-mails to make sure clients don’t require any changes to the already-written articles. Once that is ascertained, we upload them on their websites.

Sending a piece of writing consists of including the content and tag words and writing Meta descriptions for that big bad world to read. If I am working as a content writer for any better paying client, it is then time to include another write-up to an article directory site.

11.30 am
Normally, at around this time, the syndication procedures are finished and the time comes to get a bit innovative. I take a
look at the work schedule and understand the requirements of the clients I’ll be crafting for. The tactic is made by a search engine optimizer and possesses the hyperlinks we will have to integrate, along with titles and contact information.

An internal content is composed which usually consists of the targeted key terms in the first and last paragraph; they’re approximately of 400-500 words each. If I am writing for a better paying customer, I generate an external edition that involves prolonging the content and eliminating marketing materials along with the organization title prepared to be submitted to the previously mentioned article directory.

Mid-day Schedules ~

1.30 PM
Perfectly continuing my journey towards composing the 2nd content on the very same keywords, attempting to imbibe another point of view to the ‘floor cleaning services’ I’ve been evaluating, this phase is generously accompanied by sad looks completely glued to the computer screen. There are often some chips and Coca-Cola for company which is consumed with the hope that self-metabolism would, in some way, compel the creative juices to flow.

2.00 PM
Break arrives. I open my lunch box with a hyena’s hunger and like a soldier poet, derive maximum amount of joy and
enjoyment out of the heavenly but short-lived 30 minute interval.

2.30 PM
After satisfying my hunger pangs, it is now time to get ready for the drill of the remaining day. However I know I’ll really feel sleepy for the following 30 minutes! Shrugging myself a little and taking a deep breath, I once again open my content writing worksheet to check what’s next on my agenda – 3 articles or blog posts and a pair of film testimonials still left for the day! Thankfully, the articles are simple link-building write-ups of 400 words each.

3.30 PM
We use tweeting as a method to highlight the recently distributed articles or blog posts. So each and every content writer has to put aside some time for tweeting, along with trying to find new organizations and people to follow. The next ten minutes are devoted to basking in the compliment, studying and re-reading congratulatory e-mails and recognizing exactly what an excellent boss/client I’m blessed with.

Evening Schedules ~

5.00 PM
I have completed majority of the write-ups and suddenly I chance upon an angry mail from a client demanding reiterations
on long-overlooked copies. I need to send an urgent “sorry” mail while inwardly daydreaming about baboons preying on the concerned client’s innards.

5.30 PM
Generally, at this moment, I proceed towards the end of my scheduled content writing exercises which imply I can devote some attention to the other types of article writing.

Generating articles or blog posts isn’t the only content I create for clients; the article marketing team is also in charge of generating PR releases, guest posts, text messages and e-mail marketing to name a few. Thus there is enough room to display one’s creativity and search all around for motivation.

6.00 PM
Refreshment break has arrived! I really like this time of the day simply because it’s almost time to go back home!!! Also, I
don’t have much work remaining now. Right after finishing my personal favorite cardamom tea, I rush to complete whatever is left of my work.

7.00 PM
Just like a perishing soldier limping in the direction of mother land, I too laboriously manage to complete writing my essential articles and attach them with mail to send it to boss or directly to the client. At this point, I can’t help but remember Mel Gibson’s famous independence speech from the movie Braveheart that occupies my psyche inadvertently. With stoic composure, I inform my boss that I am done for the day. Bidding sadistic goodbyes to my less blessed co-workers, I control a chuckle on my way out.

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