February 21 2013

Developing Content Calendar for 2013

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In this generation of digital marketing, content marketing is gradually evolving into a highly effective publicity tool for producers of goods and services. Companies that are into online marketing in a regular way need to update their contents regularly. These are created and uploaded on a continuous basis thereby enabling you to stay in contact with your audience. Website content writing is a specialised task and should be carried out in a planned manner throughout the year for effectual marketing.

 Better Organization

 It may be noted that contents being required to be submitted on a monthly basis requires adequate planning. For this a content calendar is most effective. It not only helps you in charting your publication on a monthly basis, but also plan 60 to 90 days in advance. In case, you are a website marketing company and have dedicated content writers, a yearly projection could be broken into monthly plans, with each month devoted to a particular line of interest, such as newsletters, blog posts, and video posts.

 If a 12-month projection offers a roadmap for a year, a 90-days calendar defines the specifics for a content marketing company. Teams of writers could be identified and tasks assigned well in advance thereby removing failures and last minute confusions. Distribution of tasks among team members depending on their respective expertise also ensures quality creation. With systematic distribution of assignments and removal of confusions the final output is expected to be of superlative quality.

 Thematic Planning

 Planning your entire year based on themes is another benefit of content calendar for website content writing. For instance, during the first couple of months articles could ideally be devoted to annual forecasts, the mid months may be dedicated to interim performance, festival periods dedicated to seasonal market fluctuations, and so on. In this way you not only stay in touch with your readers and customers, but also keep them aware of current market trends.

 Contents thus become informative and updated on a regular basis. These cyclic trends are an attractive way to keep viewers engaged to your site. This need based writing is purposive and well directed.

 Fresh Content Improves Page Ranking

 For online marketing to be effective it is necessary that your web page is ranked sufficiently high. Updating or refreshing your contents is a definitive way of achieving and maintaining a high rank. A year-long calendar assists in these periodic modifications of websites. Regular submission of articles, blogs, and newsletters is recognised easily by a search engine thereby improving your page’s rank. Once a search engine recognises a change in your website, it habitually returns to it for identifying newer modifications. This consequently improves your rankings and helps in creating more links.

Current generation website content writing is directed towards effectuating editorial calendars. This is particularly applicable for blog writing and blog writers. Organization and thematic planning enables convenient handling of contents along with appropriate promotional activities. Further, it enables you to have an overall view of your yearly submissions.

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