July 17 2013

Discover New and Innovative Methods of Creating Blog Content

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Blog writing has become very popular on the web. People read them to gather information that is usually very well presented. However, anything that becomes monotonous gets boring after some time and the same is applicable for blogs as well. If you do a genuine survey of online readers, majority will vote for the fact that they hardly read the whole article as it fails to capture their interest for so long. Many blog writers also complain that people do not read their write-ups in the way that they had expected. It is quite natural then that there is a gap somewhere between the interest of the reader and the content that is presented to them.

Here are some innovative techniques that can be used in blogs for making them attractive and reader-friendly:

Using appropriate videos in the blog

It has been known since a long time that any audio visual source has better impact than plain written content. Therefore, using videos in blogs will definitely make them more interesting and appealing. However, creating a video might be a difficult thing. YouTube is one of the greatest video platforms and you can later use the created video there for making it all the more popular. If the video is created in a proper manner, audience will definitely love it in the blog.

Using relevant images in the blog

Displaying proper images in a blog can make it extremely interesting. It is an old saying that a picture has the capacity of conveying more to the audience than plain simple blog writing or written text. Use some innovation and creativity in the image so that readers feel the interest of browsing through the blog. With good image or images in the blogs, the numbers of visitors are surely going to increase bringing in good traffic. Good backlinks can also be obtained from good images. High quality pictures in a blog can be really profitable if a blogger is looking for earning revenue from his blog site.


Podcasts are digital files used in multimedia which can be successfully uploaded to any kind of portable player. Podcasts are very useful for people who do not have time to sit and read articles and blogs. These come in video as well as audio formats. So if you are a person on the go or want to listen to something informative while jogging or exercising, you can definitely use podcast without any problem for gathering information.

Content visualization and using of Infographics

If you think that infographics and content visualization are the same, you are highly mistaken. They are two different things but can be connected to a blog very effectively. If you are planning to present some interesting facts to your audience without using written texts, using infographics can be of great help. They are visually more appealing and have a direct impact on readers.

Content visualization, on the other hand, is a tool that helps in putting difficult things easily in front of the audience so that it becomes decipherable. It is a great way of putting forward abstract ideas in front of the audience.
Apply these effective techniques connected to blog writing and see the difference for yourself.

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