September 14 2012

How to Do Website Content Writing When You Are Distracted?

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No person on this earth can claim that they never get distracted while doing website content writing. Of course, we all get distracted and it is perfectly natural. But it is not a very pleasing thing to happen when you have a deadline at work. Then, these distractions seem to harm you by stopping you from submitting your work on time.

We are dedicated writers but distractions are something we all are vulnerable to. Here are certain tips to help you overcome your distractions:

Do proper research: 

A well-done research gives you the confidence to write. When you have good information, writing content comes naturally and fast. During the distraction phase, the more you try to think, the more distracted you get. So it is better to finish with the writing as fast as possible. And this is possible only when you have solid information to rely upon.

Say no to social networking sites:

Yes, it is difficult but it is necessary. It is extremely distracting to see an open chat window blinking beside the “mundane” word document. If you indulge in chatting every now and then between your work, you will find it difficult to concentrate. Ideas will come limping to your mind which surely won’t help you at all as far as submitting your work on time is concerned.

Cell phones:

Switch it off or put it on silent mode. If it is in silent mode, then try to keep it away from your eyesight as the
blinking light will certainly break your attention and you will be eager to see who is calling or who has sent you the text message. If you start talking, then may be you will be missing certain ideas that were coming to you.

Do not edit while writing: 

Website content writing comes first and then editing. Editing simultaneously with writing can consume more time. Edit once you are done with the content.

Do not listen to music while writing:

It may be pleasing and soothing to your mind but unfortunately it is not so when you are writing. The song attracts your attention especially the lyrics and thus your concentration is broken. If you really want music, then you can opt for some dull humming track which will also help to keep the office chatter away.

Ignore office distracters:

Every office has a set of distracters who chatter and gossip unnecessarily. Try not to pay attention to them. You can set a time limit say 20 minutes and promise yourself that you won’t look away from the computer screen for that span. Make it clear that you do not want to be disturbed.

Go out of your home:

If you write from your home, try to take your laptop out. Home is a place full of distractions such as television, music system, family or that inviting bed calling you for a nap.

Prepare yourself to write: 

We often go through that “I am not in the mood to write” phase. And when it happens you can do anything but write. So, it is better to prepare your mind to write. Be fresh, take a bath, have your food and try getting your mind into the mental space to write.


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