February 15 2011

Easy Tips For Brilliant Content Writing

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An efficient content plays an integral role in popularizing a website. Therefore, impressive content writing has become one of the most sought-after things of the modern era of internet. Writing for a website is considerably different from other forms of writing and follows certain specific rules and guidelines. We bring you some easy, simple tips of how to become an effective content writer.

Use simple vocabulary:
Always prefer simple, common words that can communicate your message conveniently and aptly to your readers. Remember that your purpose is to inform your readers and not to boast your scholarship. Anything conveyed in the simplest, straight forward manner is much better than using the bombastic vocabulary that could only be deciphered with the help of a dictionary.

Stick to short sentences:
If you wish your web content to be user friendly, avoid too many clauses in your sentences that will only confuse your readers. Keep it short and simple by communicating only one idea by a sentence rather than cluttering it with too many thoughts. Make it a habit to write in short paragraphs with only one central idea.

Prefer active voice:
As far as possible, use active voice throughout your writings. Active voice lends a present, direct tone to your writing which helps to keep the readers intact.

Be specific: It is important to remember that a website reader has too limited time to spend over your writing. So avoid unnecessary words or details, if any that shall distract your readers. Avoid repetition of any sort.

Look for proper information: Never ever take your readers for granted and present anything that is not true to the slightest point. Re-check the data and information you are set to write on and present them only when you are absolutely sure of their reliability.

Lay stress on style:
Be decisive in choosing the apt style for your content. Content for a teen’s website and for a technical website cannot be the same. So, think from your reader’s point of view and write in the manner that you would have liked to read on the same topic.

Proper use of keywords: Use the proper keywords with the right density to enable the search engine browser crawl through your content and thus attract more traffic. Use summaries, title and meta-tags as and where necessary to make the content more searchable.

Be your own editor:
Once you have written your content, it is important to proof- read your own article. Check for any grammar and spelling mistake that may have crept into your piece. Delete the extras that unnecessarily lengthen your content without conveying anything significant. The best thing is to relax for a short time once you are done with your writing and then check it. You will be a different person then and can see the errors in a clearer way.

No one is a born perfect writer; instead it is achieved through experience. So, follow the above guidelines and keep writing till you reach the level of perfection.

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