August 13 2013

Effective Steps with Which You Can Boost the Traffic of Your Blog

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Your basic aim as a blogger is to increase your page rank so that more and more traffic is attracted to your site. This is because without attracting traffic you can neither earn bucks nor become popular; in short, you cannot succeed as a blog content writing professional.

Here are some steps with the help of which you can make your mark in the big and busy world of blogging:

Write well and often

Regular blog update is a great way to build your audience. This must, however, be done with quality content; otherwise, no matter how regularly you update, you won’t be able to attract traffic. Make sure your content is meaningful and compelling enough to make your audience wait for your post. Frequent posts increase your chances of getting noticed by your target audience as well as the search engines.

Make use of your blogroll

Add links to sites you prefer in your blogroll that is typically located beside posts. This way, the blog owners you link to will possibly link back to you in their blogrolls. Thus, you can display your links before several readers without much effort. You can then hope that some readers will click on your link, find your blog content writing interesting and become a loyal reader of your posts.

Comment please

This is a simple but very effective tool to attract traffic to your site. Whenever you see a comment left in your site, positive or negative, make sure you answer it. This establishes a direct connection between you and the reader. The reader feels that there is actually a human being behind the piece of writing, which makes them follow your posts.

Besides, you can also leave your comments at someone else’s blogging site. This is again a great way to draw traffic to your site. Try to be one of the top five commenter in the popular blogs of your niche.

Guest blogging

If you are confident about your writing, make an attempt at guest blogging. While the bonus for the ones you post is good content, the one for you is brand building before a wide range of audience. If your writing is liked, audience is bound to visit your site.
Try to blog post twice or thrice a month, in order to be fresh in the memory of people.

Make your blog interesting

Write-ups can quickly become monotonous if they comprise nothing but texts. This does not mean you need to devalue your content with various kinds of Gifts and smileys but cheer it up with interesting image or YouTube links.

Tag your posts

It takes a few extra seconds but is nonetheless worth it in attracting additional traffic to your site, by helping readers locate you in blog search engines. Tags are also attractive to search engines.

Get your blog syndicated with RSS feeds

Getting an RSS feed button set on your site helps your readers in not only reading your posts but also knowing when you publish fresh write-ups.
Following these steps can surely get you success as a blog content writing professional.

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