December 23 2015

6 Sure Shot Tools to Gain Enhanced Social Media Conversion

You probably have a social media presence. Social media directs more traffic to your business than search traffic or direct traffic. However, still your blogs are not being able to grab traffic. It’s not that you fail at blog writing. So, what is wrong? Have you given it a thought? The way you position your blogs plays a deciding role in grabbing traffic. As a novice in a blog writing company, you need to know some important techniques to apply.

Take a look at some of these effective ways to enable social media conversions.

# Resort to visual content

Have you ever tried to post content with images? Social media users get attracted towards visual images. If you add an image to your post, it can undergo more interactions than it usually does. Why don’t you make it a practice to add videos, images, GIFs, vines and other variations of visual content to your posts?

Here are some ways in which images and videos have a positive impact on your posts.


While images receive around 90% more +1s, videos can drive 28% more engagement to your content.


Facebook users like to view posts with images. Use images to enjoy 35% more interaction on your blog post.


Videos or images can get you more traffic than simple text tweets. They have been observed to bring in 200% more engagement than ordinary message.

# Communicate with your audience with the help of hashtags

People use hashtags to reach out to a wider base of readers. They also initiate chats and trends that turn out to be useful for different purposes. So, why should you stay behind? Make your blog writing effective by adding hashtags to your content.

Do you know how hashtags impact the conversion rates on different social media sites?


You can use at least 2 hash tags to come across above 500 likes on your post.


Use at least 2 hashtags in your post to experience reader engagement in the form of replies and Retweets. However, do not increase the number of hashtags from 2. It has been found that at least 35% Tweets with hashtags are Retweeted.


Use of hashtags in Google + is nothing new. Google+ adds hashtags depending on the content of your post.

# Post audience-oriented content

Is your blog writing solving the problems faced by your readers? Are they catering to the needs of your audience? You have to assess the interests of your clients before you post contents. If your products or services are not able to solve clients’ problems, why would they Retweet or Like your post? How do you expect to gain conversion, if your audience has a better alternative than what you offer?

Most people simply scroll through social media sites and click on posts that appear interesting at the first look. The very first glance at your post should convince the reader to click on it for details. For instance, you have a firm called Company A. You are offering electronics toys at 50% discount for Christmas. The heading of your post goes like this: ‘Discounts from Company A.’ After a week, change the title to this: ‘Get more Toys at 50% Discount.’ You will notice that the second title brings far more interaction than the first title. This is because the second time you are clearly directing the audience on a particular path. They know that they have to avail the discount you are offering.

# Attract audience with short content

There is common belief that large content can bring more traffic than short content. However, reality is far from that. Short contents have a larger audience base than larger content. This is because; social media users have vey less time to spend time on lengthy content. They scroll through the pages of Facebook or Twitter at leisure time which is also limited.

Let me give you an idea about the preferred content size for various posts.


It is better to contain your posts within 40 characters. Smaller the size, the more chances for the audience to find interest.


Try to keep your titles within 60 characters. Or else, your viewership may go down drastically.


Your specimens of Twitter blog writing better have only 100 characters in the titles. You can enjoy a hike of 17% readership with smaller content size.

# Stop overwhelming your readers with promotional content

Yes, I agree that social media is important for promoting your brand. I also agree that social media traffic is more significant than direct traffic. However, constant promoting is not a very feasible idea.

Experts believe that out of all the content you share on social media; half should be extracted from some source other than your company. The remaining half should be divided among non-work related content and content from your business. The non-work related content is meant to show your company as a good communicator. It helps you connect with potential clients who realize that you always do not mean business. The content from your company may not always be promotional.

# Opt for a website framework that is social media friendly

Apart from an interesting blog, an alluring headline, hashtags, images & videos, short length content, etc. you also need to sport a website that is social media friendly. A website that is affable to social media can help in getting you more conversion. Social media visitors tend to share content, if they find the website interesting.

Open Graph in Facebook is one of the tools which you can use to make sure that the image or video of your content is always on the screen.

Twitter Cards are another interesting way to bring forth extra information about your blogs, links or even products. They assist in enhancing the interaction in your tweets.

Apply the aforementioned tactics to turn your blog writing into the work of an expert. Let us know how much more engagement you are attaining by using them. If, you have any other technique up your sleeve, do not forget to tell us.

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