June 12 2012

Exclusive Tips on Outsourcing Content Writing

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Outsourcing of content writing jobs is a practice followed widely in many parts of the world. Adequate language competency, knowledge of IT (information technology) processes and lower operational costs are reasons of outsourcing writing jobs. Content writing services companies are mostly located in Asian countries as they abound in manpower with these qualifications. However, certain checks are desirable before outsourcing content writing jobs

Preparation of a project in details :

This is the initial step before assigning a job to an outsider. An overview of the entire project needs to be provided that include keywords to be used, their density, the style of language to be written, and word limit. Here it must be remembered that keyword density has assumed significant importance lately prompted by Google Analytics. The choice of language is also crucial as the addressed audience is usually restricted to a certain geographic territory.

Request bids from various sources:

After having sent out your requirements, you request for price bids from different sources including freelancers. These bids are to be studied carefully. On thorough inspection you would notice that there would be bids from service providers and outsourcers. Outsourcers usually offer a rating service to these service providers individually. Service providers with a rating of 15 or higher could be shortlisted for your project. Ideally you should have a source of leading two or three service providers.

Rates could be misleading :

Never settle for a service provider whose rates are lowest. It must be noted that good quality writing involves sufficient research, adequate knowledge, and proper writing skills. Your selection of service provider should be based on these parameters rather than on the cost factor. You must ensure that the quality of output is sufficiently high.

Maintain transparency :

Before assigning your project finally it is essential to specify all business terms and conditions clearly. Special attention need to be placed on payment terms, delivery schedule, penalties if any, and deliverables. There should never be anomalies in business dealings. Mode of payment is also a vital aspect to be discussed with your service provider. Normally, bank transfers, cheques, money order, Western Union, and internet processors are used as media of payment. This needs to be clarified with your outsourced vendor.

Rework :

On many occasions rework becomes necessary. These need to be discussed before a project is assigned. Reworks are normally not charged additionally. These reworks could be because of spelling or grammatical mistakes. Contents might be rewritten in case client is dissatisfied with any job.

Plagiarism :

All contents submitted must be unique. Plagiarised content could invite legal trouble and jeopardise your existence as a standard content writer.

Copyright issues :

While assigning any job outside, copyright condition needs to be thoroughly clarified. Ownership of a material is of crucial importance without which a content writing services provider could resell any project.

All these factors prefer a choice of employing of content writing company from India. You just need to be little conscious while deciding on the content writing services provider. If you’re looking for reputable content writing services look through the portal http://www.content-writing-india.com/content-writing-services.php to make the correct choice.

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