February 16 2016

How can Expert Writing Enhance Visibility of Your Content?

Are you wondering how to become an excellent writer? Now, we all know that you are a good writer, but your writing is not getting enough audience. As a result, you are afraid that your client may not ask for your services anymore. Google has introduced a set of guidelines to ensure the visibility of your writings on its ranking pages. It wants you to have complete insight about the topic on which you are writing. It is time you know how to impress your audience and eventually Google through good content writing services.

To increase likes on your content, you should make sure that Google likes what you write. And Google likes what your audience likes – a complete solution to their solutions. By writing superficial content, you cannot win the hearts of your audience. Offer them what they need and you can easily become Google’s apple of the eye.

The latest Panda update has stressed the importance of quality content. Quality content refers to original and consistent content. But, it has also stressed the importance of your authority over the topic of the content. Hundreds of write-ups come up on the Internet every day. How can you make your writing better than others? Your audience needs to find you knowledgeable and trustworthy.

What do you understand by content with authority?

Now, what makes your content writing services best among the equals? What attracts your audience to your writing? What makes you an expert? The answer to these questions lies in the topic of the content. Let us consider that you write for a forum about parenting. In this case, the writers in the forum may not be child psychologists, pediatricians or nutritionists. As for that matter, even you are not a certified medical practitioner. But, you may be a parent or a guardian. Same applies for the participants of the forum. They may be parents or may have the guardianship of a child. They can discuss their experience about bringing up a child. In this regard, their opinions can be considered expert comment.
Writing a travel blog or reviews about a hotel can be considered an expert writing, if it offers detailed information about your experience or the hotel’s services. You do not have to be a travel journalist or a hotel expert to offer content with authority. As long as you can offer the information your audience are looking for, your content has great authority.

What type of content does Google like?

Here are some of the guidelines by Google.
Do you have a law firm as a client? Do you want to offer good content writing services to them? In that case, you should have complete knowledge about legal matters. In the same way, if you want to fetch traffic for tax consultant clients, you need to have authority over the subject.

Let us consider that you have a client who runs a clinic. The content in this case, should offer the solutions to people’s medical problems. You should be accredited personnel in the field of medical treatment. In the event that you are not an accredited medical professional writer, you can seek help from doctors and nurses. This approach offers you the authority you need to increase readership. You can write interviews with people in the medical field. You should also make sure that the information is updated on a regular basis.

Are you interested in jewelry designing, interior designing or dress designing? Do you like to play cricket, football or hockey? Then, you have the perfect authority to write on such topics.

Why do some pages not get good ranking?

It is important that your content has positive impact on the lives of your audience. Financial institutions, tax consultants and e-commerce sites are some pages that have high influence on the happiness, financial stability and lives of users.
Google is very particular about such content. In such cases, you should offer expert content writing services. You should be careful that your writing does not have any negative impact on the health or wealth of the users. Google is careful about the ranking of such pages. For instance, if a child support website offers outdated information, audience does not get the information they need. Outdated or wrong information may hamper the lives and happiness of the children involved.

Therefore, that page does not get good rank on Google’s result pages.
To avoid such a situation, you should have expert knowledge about the topic or seek the help of experts in the relevant field. You may post interviews or publish recent statutory statements on the subject.
Offer effective content writing services to your client and ensure high readership. Your audience can trust your write-ups only when they realize you have authority on what you are writing. Use your expert knowledge to impress your clients and Google.

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