February 18 2011

Few tips to increase your content’s readability

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Your blog perfects you. Sounds I am making a wry comment? Probably not! You shall hone your skill if your blog content writing is not read by a single living being under the sky. Otherwise, you are the happy-go-smiley person with a set of skills to write. But the skills may not be the need of the moment because the every new trend in writing ceases to exist the next moment.

It is the necessity to update your skill and be familiar with the present bandwagon in content writing, if you want your writing to have a readership. If the style and the standard of your write up fail to engage the reader, your writing is bound to the bin.

But there are few proven ways that will help you to increase the readability and the acceptability of your content writing.

You should try to understand that the users of Web have perceptibly different outlook to having information. When a person is gaping in front of the TV with the eagerness to learn something, he is in a way allowing the TV program to take him in. but when the same person is busy with the Internet browser, he is not only the sole arbiter to in landing on a web page but he also looks for active interaction with the content. So your content writing must have some specification attributes. Let’s have a look at them.

Make the content snappy: A visitor to a blog site does not go for extensive reading but for scanning what your page contains. Since he is not interested in going through your pedantic post, all your effort at making the post a great composition takes the backseat.

Instead begin the content writing with your conclusion as the readers rarely go beyond the first sentence if they don’t like it. That is why the placement of the crux of your point in the starting will give the reader the first positive impression that will eventually lead the reader to proceed below.

Break your blogs: Follow up the conclusion with some arguments with which you intend to support it. But don’t make it a marathon trail with no end in prospect. Rather you should break your thoughts and post them in different paragraphs. That will not only make it readable but also your logic will be precise, provided your thought are clear to you.

Use subheading: The simple thing is that you must exploit all the means you have. Accordingly you must utilize the subheadings. If the subheadings contain some key thoughts or even just words, they can do wonder in enticing the reader to go over your content writing.

Use bulleted lists: Your writing can be sharper if you can use some bulleted lists apart from the detailed content that you are crazy about. Since this small table like info encapsulates the key argument, it may direct the reader to go through the content on your site. Moreover, this bullet section of content acts as a crisp version of the bigger write up.

Use deep caption: It has been proved that image caption is one of the most interesting things that arouse the interest of a visitor about a blog post. On the basis of this observation, you can use deep captions to compel the user to go through the content writing.

Does not it mean that the formatting part is more important than the subject? Not certainly. But it is no less important though. Your content writing has its value when it is being read. And you must use all your fingers to tether the visitor to you blog.

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